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Sports Artist Jay Pangan did something really nice for me!


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Aug 7, 2008
Lake in the Hills, IL
So I saw my favorite sports sketch card artist, Jay Pangan, started an eBay account and was selling some custom sketch cards. I've collected Jay's cards he has done for products like Leaf Legends of Baseball and Famous Fabrics Big Apple Sportscards. I wrote to him via eBay, telling him how much I enjoyed his works and how I've collected over 40 of his 1/1 pack issued cards. I asked if he'd do a custom card for my Mark Grace collection at the price he was selling his other cards for.

Jay wrote back and totally surprised me by thanking me for collecting his cards and offering to do a Grace card for my collection at no charge! That was such a nice gesture on his part! He got my shipping address and told me to wait a week or two. Today I got the package, and I can't believe my luck - he did both a black and white and a color sketch for me! I think they look awesome, and this totally made my month. Quite excited to have these in my Grace collection, and hope to do an article about Jay and his cards on my website soon.

Here's some of Jay's other cards I've collected, showcasing his talents:

wilson13LEAFBOB.jpg stargell12LEAFBOB.jpg paige12LEAFBOB.jpg kelly14LEAFBOB2.jpg

mathewson15BIGAPPLE.jpg mays15BIGAPPLE.jpg robinson14SUPERBOX.jpg anson14LEAFBOB.jpg
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Randy Shields

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Aug 20, 2008
Wow, that's an extremely kind gesture because it looks like he spends a lot of time on his work. Really nice stuff!

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