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Well-known member
Jun 20, 2010
Sunny Florida
Is again on the 60 day IL In 2020,2021,2022 He has played in a total of 8 games while making $105 million dollars. He should give the Nats $100 million back and just get the hell out of the game. Hands down the worst signing in the history of sports. The guy is a ------.


Jan 19, 2010
Funny part is, he is nowhere near where he was at his hype height, but people are still paying AS prices for him. I tried to pick up a signature and keep getting outbid, as I am bidding what a player of his accomplishments should be priced at. The hobby has a habit of never letting go...


Well-known member
Jan 17, 2010
Huntsville, AL
This is my conundrum with Billy Hamilton. I started following him when he was stealing everything in sight 2012. I wanted to start collecting him, but immediately his card prices shot thru the roof, even before he made it to the Reds roster. And for all the autographs and memorabilia cards, the prices are still there. He's constantly hurt, and since he forgot how to hit, he can barely make a roster when he's healthy. Yet his card prices never really came back to Earth. He has only managed 139 MLB games in the past 3 seasons and he's back in AAA again, this year.

That said, he's exactly the kind of player I enjoy collecting, a near miss, a what if. Interesting, not just another generic superstar.

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