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Aug 7, 2008
hickory nc
same thing planned as last year -----GPS hard to find place - inlaws. My 11 -their 9 . Had one pass this year . I think it's 5 turns in 30 miles of back highway / roads OF NOTHING . NEVER ask directions in south = when lost you are asked "you remember where [something ] was ? NO . Well go down road till see crossroad --don't turn there . Go few more miles cross creek --Is there a bridge ? --NO It's just a creek . Turn at next road ---THEN someone else says that wrong you got them going towards the old barn and THEY START giving directions . They REALLY like when they see YANKEE tags on cars I've been told. Born / lived in NC all my life . My family still in Alabama ---you CAN see the mountain but have to ask HOW to get there also . HOPE NOBODY SPILLED COFFEE - THAT'S WASTE --- HAPPY HOLIDAY .

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