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The HOF Argument for Jake Peavy...


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Nov 3, 2014
Dunno y, just wanted to post this

Thank you for your post.


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Jun 8, 2011
Oh no! My post wound up going into the HOS...then a complete hack of an admin* exposed how small he is. Not sure how I’ll be able to go on.

Get a job


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Jun 8, 2011
My favorite part of this whole thread was the author wanted YUGE credit for being accountable and a stand up guy as he went through and deleted everything he said...like all accountable people do.


I don’t know why you’re laughing...you’re in the HOS for this too. Why is the content in those posts, that I could care less about it being made 100% public again, altered by me...?

What’s not in the posts of this public thread is the private PMs regarding this. A deal was made, one person held up their end, the other re-negged/lied/pretended he went to sleep at 7pm ET, without telling the person who held up his part of the deal. What’s really sad is you lied and backed out of your end of a deal we essentially shook on because you have a minuscule baseball card forum fanbase to hold onto. I mean, what would hive think? The self-proclaimed mature adult with kids - who by the way was also very proud of the stimulus check he got from the federal government - backed out of a serious deal because he was afraid of the repercussions to his FCB fanbase. That’s HOS worthy.


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Excellent deflection...this is here in your honor!


Bragging about a stimulus check? I guess you need to lie now...me. accountability.

LOL. Don't be so bitter.

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