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The other Texas Rangers...


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Nov 4, 2010
Houston, Texas
I haven't logged on in a couple of years because of personal issues, but I thought I would relate a cool story.
With the missing Brady jersey and the fact that the investigation being handed to the Texas Rangers, this story occurred to me as being relatable.

The Rangers have been around for about 160 years, and are the only organization of it's kind. Although they are assigned to the Texas Department of Public Safety, all 150 of them are answerable to and under direct control by the Governor. A private militia as strictly forbidden by the U.S. Constitution, But protected by the Texas Constitution by an irrevocable amendment. They are true badasses. Tan Stetson, Tan suit, very significant jacket bulge and only weapon can be a Colt 45 revolver with an 8 inch barrel. Small round badge on their belt. Jurisdiction? All of Texas. Authority? Complete. Only Texas has an authority superior to the FBI. Scary dudes. I have only seen one. Couldn't catch my breath. So here's the story:

In the 1960 Dallas race riots, the police were utterly overwhelmed so the Mayor called the Guv and asked for the help of the Rangers. They then went to Dallas love Field to meet the plane. When the aircraft door opened, to their surprise stepped out ONE Ranger. When he was asked if there were more coming. His reply was, "No, how many riots do you have?"

There is a statue of a Ranger at Love Field today with their motto " One riot, one Ranger"

I's also interesting to note that each Ranger must take an extensive course in "investigative Hypnosis" You're getting sleepy...
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Aug 17, 2008
Near Philly
But can they beat the Jays in the post-season?

And good having you back man! Hope you're personal stuff is all sorted out and back on track...

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