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Aug 7, 2008
hickory nc
Well last day of one MED but start on another of course HIGHER priced .
Already went thru a box of Ravens -3200 count already in alpha order and pulled three team packs . Three sports is about 100 teams and I will have at least 3 of each --HOT teams five --Braves 15 . That's single card of each player . Out of listed team uniform goes to freebie packs I give to schools and Rec's and hand out few other places . Please don't trash cards I will take .
If I can get ONE to read ,do the stats [math] play sports I might have saved a child to do better - can't put a price on that .
REFILL COFFEE plus numb part of face from that one med ---LAST DAY .Some times I think I'm upside down --nose runs feet smell .

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