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Tommy Hanson in a coma


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Sep 19, 2009
Ely, MN
Tommy Hanson in a coma in an Atlanta area hospital

Just saw this flash on the bottom line on ESPN. Will do some digging to see the reason why.

Said he 'is fighting for his life'.


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Aug 7, 2008
[–]Atlanta BravesHugo_5t1gl1tz 47 points 2 hours ago
This guy was apparently with him when it happened, says it was NOT drugs, claims he doesn't even smoke

[–]Gigfiddler 34 points an hour ago*
Little history of Brandon Bond... He's banned from Turner Field (most specifically the clubhouse) because he's a male cleat chaser who gives players free tattoos and drugs to be their "pals"..... After some incident with Jordan Schafer involving being "****ed up" in the clubhouse Bond was banned from the Ted.
Here's what I know about Tommy... On the last day of the season in 2012 I actually ended up partying with some of the Braves who were celebrating at Tin Roof in Atlanta after the game. I went with my buddy who was there to sell Tommy and some of the other guys some blow. I watched Tommy do a key bump behind a giant restaurant sized dumpster behind the building under the opened lid shielding him from the rain. He pitched the day before, getting shelled and almost costing the Braves a playoff spot. Apparently after his "masterful" Saturday start he went out and got bombed, staying out all night. He was saying that during the Sunday day game (the win or go home season deciding game) that he was so hungover that he didn't care at all who won the game. He just wanted it to end so he could go back to sleep (mind you, he's telling me this about 4 hours after the game as he's doing cocaine in front of me and 3 other people he's never met before in a restaurant parking lot.) We went in the restaurant where a lot of the players were partying it up, celebrating the win. Tommy's parents are in there, nice folks. They are telling me how they would love it if he were to one day become a Los Angeles Angel. Then two months later it happened. There were a lot of people in the media curious why the Braves would give up on such a young, hopeful arm. Guess the Braves brass knew what was up. I'm sure coaches can smell that type of thing from a mile away having lived through the lifestyle themselves.
Tommy didn't leave town as soon as he was traded. He stuck around town partying all winter like crazy. I was doing a bit of drinking myself in those days and would run into him all sorts of places but most notably I'd run into him Sunday nights at a place called Zuffy's where my friends and I would play some Golden Tee. Zuffy's was also a bar right across from one of Atlanta's biggest strip clubs, The Pink Pony. It was pretty widely known that Zuffy's was the place to meet your coke dealers to buy your drugs before you went in "The Pony". Like clockwork he would show up, go into the bathroom with another dude and come out shortly after, then leave. Sometimes he would stick around for a minute if he was still working on a beer. He borrowed more than a few cigarettes from my friends and I. So, I can more than assure you this piece of **** Brandon Bond is full of ****ing **** liar trying to cover for his buddy, and more than likely himself.
This is the kind idiot we're dealing with here... at the 0:21 mark of this video he's talking about how much he loves baseball, as a child growing up then became a season ticket holder..... Then at the 3:21 mark he's talking about how weird it is that he's tattooing baseball players because "I always hated sports, I hated everything about it" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f76yc6IA3p8 ... Dude is so ****ed up all the time he doesn't even know what he's saying. You can watch any number of his videos or check through his tweets to see he's a whack job cleat chaser.
Tommy is a KNOWN coke head around Atlanta and made no bones about it. He was far more open about it than any current player I've ever seen or heard of through the grapevine. You're organs don't just randomly fail you at the age of 29 on a Sunday morning (lets call it Saturday night late) when you're staying at a known drug pusher's place.

Rumor is a cocaine overdose. Found this post on reddit I thought is worth sharing. Sad stuff
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Feb 15, 2015
The Braves always had great young pitching and I thought he was among that group. Sad news. prayers for comfort and healing to healing to his loved ones.


Jan 25, 2011
Land O Lakes, FL
He had a few nice years in Atlanta but could never keep it going elsewhere. Very sad that he died so young, hopefully we will find out more details soon but a very sad story indeed.

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