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Jan 19, 2010
I have some very narrow focuses when it comes to collectibles. One has defined me as a collector, and that is my Steve Garvey collection. I also collect a lot of other things, but in order to maximize enjoyment and allow the budgeted money to cover a variety of items, I have really focused my searches and purchases. I have always been a fan of oddball stuff, so my collection does not discriminate against any specific player or team, even sport. However, if I open myself up to collecting just about anything, it is going to be impossible to get everything and lot of stuff gets missed because it is not on my radar. soMETIMES i see something listed or shared and decide that I need one too. Sometimes I am able to track one down, other times it is added to an ever growing wantlist.

Sometimes i sit in my card room and marvel at all the really cool stuff I have been able to assemble over the last 40+ years. Because it was mostly handpicked by me, for me, I think almost all of it is amazing! When I have bought lots and received items I am not as thrilled about, they tend to go in a few different boxes of the "someday I will sell, trade or give this stuff away". Because I am trying to minimize pick-ups lately, my random lot purchases have decreased quite a bit. I still have a fair amount of stuff that I don't "collect" and would get rid of at the drop of a hat, but sometimes you get things that are both not on your wantlist, but are too cool not to keep.


The picture above is a lot I bought just before leaving for vacation. The price was right. It arrived yesterday. The primary targets were the 2 AS Programs, the 82 Dodger Yearbook and the 84 World Series Program (even though I have them all already). I also thought that the 83 Fleer Stamp Album was neat, as I had never seen or noticed one before. Garvey was left out of that set and now I know why, after getting this item. However, there are a number of items I had no real interest in at the time of bidding, but with any lot, they added a cost/value to the batch that I always take into consideration.

The first surprise was finding a previously unknown to me Garvey appearance (check out the reverse negative, logo-less image that is clearly Garvey used in the Fleer sticker book) to add to the collection. I totally love crap like this! The reason Garvey was not part of this sticker set despite being right at the height of his popularity, I learned, is that it was all about specific league leaders and special groups which he was not a part of any in 1983.


It turned out, as I had hoped, that the 2 AS programs still had their "cards" attached. From 1981-1985, each AS game program had all of the players from the ballot on these colorful poster-inserts that have since been favored for cutting out and turning into single "cards". If you are in the market for these sheets though, make sure you ask the seller if they are still included. I should have, but didn't. It worked out fine anyway, thankfully.


It also turned out that the 84 WS program was the Padres version. If you didn't know this already, and I don't know how many years this applies, but WS programs had slightly different versions for each of the two teams. The difference is some added team specific content not found in the other version, but similar content featuring the other team in their version. I am not 100% positive, but I think my other copies may have all been Tiger versions. Score!

The final point of my post though is that I had fun just browsing the additional items that came with the lot, as they were items I would have never sought out to buy. This was a chance to check out items I would have normally never seen. A 1969 Twins Yearbook, a couple early 70s Cardinal Yearbooks, a menu from Mickey Mantle's restaurant in NYC, a 1981 Indians team photo, etc. It really made me think how much stuff is made and out there, but also how cool it would be to have a complete library of ALL team yearbooks of all time! I don't even have all of the LA Dodgers yearbooks, so imagining a collection of every team, every year, is mind blowing.

I'll be adding everything but the aforementioned keeper items to the "get rid of" pile, but it was fun to check them out.


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Sep 30, 2017
Love stuff like that Fleer sticker book discovery.

I've pretty well exhausted the Jeff Frye checklist (other than stuff like the Starting 9 that will show up if it shows up) so I'm always on the lookout for oddball stuff to add to my collection.

I found this promo sheet a few weeks back. I had no clue it existed but here it was on eBay. On top of that I've never seen Jeff sign anything where he added his number so it's odder still.

I never would have ever thought about getting one of those little ice cream helmets signed either but there that was on eBay too.
Frye Helmet.png

I agree sometimes we just need to step back and view the forest rather than the individual trees as collectors. There's lots of really neat stuff out there if you'll just take a moment to look at it.


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Nov 21, 2008
I'm enjoying the lull for my collections. There are 4 cards on eBay that I need, all pretty overpriced. Hoping to continue fishing out new stuff.

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