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Topps Now Harper Disappointment Too Early?


Jan 4, 2013
Pearland, Texas
I see an email in my Inbox about Bryce Harper Topps Now cards with the Phillies. I have no interest other than to see if they out do the Machado table cloth cards. I see no limited stuff and just totally bummed. Am I too early? Anybody have the inside scoop? Maybe that Philly red table cloth got the chop job...looked big enough to make like 10,000 cards. There were some water bottles too, maybe embed part of the plastic as "press conference used" memorabilia?

What do you the reader of my nonsense want to see in the Topps Now Harper announcement cards?


Well-known member
Jun 22, 2015
Vancouver WA
Harpers HGH forehead is getting so big you cant see his eyes anymore.

The only one bigger I've ever seen was a backup on Springfield's team a few decades back... the name escapes me. :p



Feb 24, 2019
Could we get a Topps Now of Harper watching the playoffs from his couch?

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