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PayPal Gift Payments:
Just a heads up to everyone, those who choose to make payments on the board using the "gift" option on Paypal, you have no recourse on those payments and there isnt anything we can do for you. Please keep this in mind and be careful.


1. There is NO reason to bump a thread that is on the first page, especially when the last three replies are all your bumps. Dont make there be a need to make a rule with suspensions attached.

2. NO multiple sale/trade threads or buy/trade threads. One TOTAL and that does not mean you can bump your old ones as well. Multiple threads will be merged or locked

3. SHIP WITH DC, if you don't, be prepared for chargebacks from those claiming they haven't received items and if someone indicates they didn't receive their end and you have no DC, well, you know who will have a problem.

4. Yes, being a slow shipper does make you a bad trader. Everyone understands that life happens. If you communicate with your trading partner, it makes it easier. IF YOU CANT SHIP WHEN STATED, LET THE OTHER PARTY KNOW!

5. LEAVE FEEDBACK for your trades! It is the only way other traders will know what type of experience you had. You will be doing a service for everyone around you and will make this a far more honest forum. Retaliatory feedback will not be tolerated and will be an easy way to by yourself a vacation from the site.

6. USE THE TRADE MANAGER Everyone complained about not having one. Use it. It's the only way a moderator will get involved with a trade gone bad.

7. LIST A PRICE If you are posting a sale thread, ensure that each card has a sale price. This is a must, and deviation will be deleted.
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