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*****Tuesday MT***** 12/08


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Aug 7, 2008
hickory nc
early shuttle 5:30 till 7:30 --- lack of sleep last night UGH
BTW - i have pulled strings before ---beer involved most of time with a full boat LOL


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Oct 31, 2010
Morning all. Definitely didn't work on the bathrooms last night after work. After 10 days of it, I needed a break. Especially when a lot of what I have left is little, touch up stuff. Might work on cleaning up the grout in the shower tonight, but my knees, hands, and back could use a couple of nights to relax. It's almost a blessing being at work right now 😂


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Aug 7, 2008
Lake in the Hills, IL
Morning MT. I'm exhausted after picking up my new puppy this weekend in Missouri (16 hr. round trip) and spending the last two days and nights puppy training. But he's damn adorable and been a very good puppy so far. He's a blue beagle (half blue heeler, half beagle) leaning more towards his mother's heeler side. Should be a smart, friendly, loyal dog but somewhat high energy - and a great new hiking partner.



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Aug 7, 2008
East of KC MO
Afternoon all! We had freezing fog this morning. With a few wrecks. Second time recently. I don't remember hearing about freezing fog very often. Oh well it is 2020! 55 for a high today.

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