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UD bringing back golf cards!


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Aug 7, 2008
That reminds me. In 2018, I finally got a case of 2001 UD Golf. The base set, not the SP set. I opened a box or two back in 2001, have my complete set, built the Tiger Tales set, the common inserts, etc. It's a great product. Not flashy, but beautifully designed and produced, UD really does make nice stuff. But I never pulled a jersey or autograph. The autos were 1:3000 packs, so OK, the odds weren't with me. The jerseys, though, were supposed to be 1:288, one per 12 box case. I kept an eye on it through the years. With the flood of product they ended up putting out and the general malaise of golf with Tiger off the board for years, cases had sunk to the $100 range at one point and stayed low. When I finally made my purchase it was $150 or so. These were the green boxes, too, not even the red boxes. Anyway, over the course of a couple days, my wife and I opened the case. And wouldn't you know it, we did not get a jersey card. No auto, of course, but no jersey card was just kind of insulting. I was really bummed out. Didn't care who it was, didn't care I could buy one for $5, but for some reason I was fixated on pulling one of those cards. Oh well, put it all in a box in the closet, along with my bile, didn't care to sort it out.

This post made me go look at ebay. Cases of this stuff are now selling for $900? For the base set? Unreal. And now doubly galling because if I had just stuck the sealed case in the closet instead of a mess of singles, I'd be up 500%. On the bright side, I probably have 6-10 Tigers plus assorted inserts in the closet, so if I sold them raw I'd get my money back. Graded, even 9s are $60+. I should go find my golf box.

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