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Unopened - What to do?


Jan 19, 2010
Like many other collectors, I find in necessary to leave things exactly as they were issued. This is a newer thing, of course. As a kid, I'd rip anything open I could get my hands on. As i have matured in my collecting, original issue condition holds an important part in my collection.

That is why certain things give me concern. One such problem/fear is a known issue with unopened packs that involves the gum sticking to cards and the sugar seeping into the cardboard, but also newer UV coated cards sticking together like glue, forming solid blocks. The longer something is held in that unopened state, the worse it will probably be when it is finally opened.

Another fear I have on certain things is, what if this is not an original "seal" and what is inside is not what I think it is. The following item is in that category for me. I had wanted a set of these 1963 Dodger "Large Head" pin-ups since I first saw them in one of the old annual guides. I was fortunate enough to find a sealed set that was affordable and bought it. It has sat as I bought it ever since. Now I can't help but wonder if this is in fact the entire set and not a few random singled stuffed into an original envelope and resealed. I want to open it, but at the same time I don't. One might also say I get no enjoyment out of this item with the pin-ups sealed and you are mostly correct. This is essentially a mailer. The true enjoyment doesn't come until the contents are unleashed! These are not overly tough to find, in fact one seller is selling at least 10 full sets, probably more, as 2 buyers have each puchased 10 sets each.

On the back, I can see there are pin-ups in the mailer, but not who they are or if there is a full set. I bought it believing it was a full set and wish to continue to believe that. What would you do?

Show off any oddball "unopened" stuff you also have. I won't anyone sharing exclude unopened cello and rack packs or factory sealed sets, but those get shown off all the time already. Looking for weird stuff, like this item.


Here is what they look like, by the way, and the entire checklist.



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Aug 17, 2008
Most of my Mexican packs fell apart at the seal. The gum I got from the opened packs was hard as a rock and 3 nasty colors. I have about 100 different unopened packs. From different brands for the 70's thru the 90's. I also have some graded baseball packs for the 70's.


Jan 19, 2010
s-l1600.jpgA sealed card that has been released...

I have talked about this before, but this recent pick up made me think about it again. Can i live with cards that have been removed from factory sealed cases and the real answer is, YES I CAN. In fact, the space savings of losing those thick sealed cases is actually a plus. I have a few super shoe boxes filled with nothing but sealed auto cards like the Archives Signature, Topps Uncirculated, etc and it's only maybe 100 cards per box, plus the damn things weigh a ton. You also have those owners who don't care, put them in their dollar boxes at shows and let them get scratched up anyways. If it is a Garvey card though, the answer is still no. It must remain as it was issued, at least until I get a dupe.

In this case, I mistakenly thought this was a Heritage auto when I bid on it (my bad), so I didn't even notice it was one of those Archives Signature buyback cards. I also thought that he'd made a brief appearance with LA, but that is not the case. He isn't quite good enough to pick up as a star/fan fave and has never made an AS roster or won a major award and the card is not memorable, so he technically doesn't belong in the autograph collection. So why did I buy it?

For no other reason than the Dodgers may still sign him someday and I'll be covered, but more truthful is the fact that he brought my attention to this! That is deserving of a spot in the Auto HOF. It's a damn shame nobody had the stones to issue a card with that look though.

How confident do you have to be to sport this bad boy on the national stage of MLB? Much respct, plus the man can grow a damn good moustache to boot.

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 8.08.38 PM.pngI


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
I think Fiers doesn't really care what other people think of him, given that facial hair and blabbing on the Astros trash can antics.

Regarding releasing cards from their uncirculated cases...I'd rather have them in the case but for most cards, especially the early '00s Topps cards, being broken out will not stop me at all from buying. For those Archives buy-backs I feel like it's kind of a major part of the card so I'd usually skip over a released one in favor of an encased copy. But yeah I agree a lot of the time those cases are scratched up, or with the older ones have half the sticker unstuck flapping around.

That being said, I have busted a couple of Archives autos out of perfectly good cases to put in my 1988 Topps auto set binder, including a Bob Gibson.

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