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Vintage Pick Up Thread


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Yep. "Midge" was a pioneer as the first female in a baseball front office. She was the first person to create season tickets too! Mr. Wrigley had a lot of faith in her and reportedly her opinion on free agents was highly valued. She lived in my town, Huntley, and is buried here. The Cubs created a park for her a few years back. The photo I picked up is from a 1931 Cubs Picture Pack.


The family member I knew also lived on the family farm in Huntley. I asked him to write his thoughts and memories down about a woman he showed a great deal of fondness for but he has yet to do it. I need to keep bugging him because he would always tell some great stories about her.


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Aug 17, 2008
Mourmelon le Grand, France
Thanks for the input Dano and Forgerelli. Since I'm not an expert on vintage cards I had my doubts because it looks pretty good.
I might have to try and get it graded one day... just stinks that I'm so far away so it costs me tons for S&H.... but I'll do it one day.
Thanks again guys.


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Aug 12, 2008
Goose Creek, SC
Not new pick ups, but just scanned them into imgur


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