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Vintage Pick Up Thread


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Aug 17, 2008
I finally was able to pick up my so-called white whale card. I've known about this card for about 15 years or so. But have never seen one for sale. I posted a topic on the Net54 forums https://net54baseball.com/login.php...8650-abec2967e3aff7e5b242152e755f624a739bab6c about that I was looking for this card. A member there had said before that the last of five poses that I was looking for with him throwing the ball was pretty rare and expensive. The card is one of five poses of a 1887-90 Old Judge card of Eddie Hogan, from the Cleveland Ohio team. A few days ago, someone on the Net54 forum made a new topic about what their white whale card(s) they were looking for. I posted a borrowed scan :whistle: of the card I was hunting for. A member there sent me a message a few days ago that he had the card I was looking for. He's a well know member on that forum. I did send a message to the forum owner Leon and asked him for a reference about the person. He gave the person a thumbs up. The card was expensive for me. So here's a scan of the card I bought.

Here are scans of the other four poses of the same player.

I'm not going to do a happy dance. I'm too old and tired for that. :cool:
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