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Vintage Pick Up Thread

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Jan 19, 2010
I wish MSA would have made these more widespread, but like a lot of limited/test issues, the appeal to them is probably more the fact that they can be scarce and not as much that the design is all that great. However, out of all the MSA discs, this does pop better than most with the flag color theme. 1975 MSA Test Disc. Not super hard to find, but not plentiful either.s-l1600.jpg


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Aug 7, 2008
Lake in the Hills, IL
Last year, a previously-unknown 1960 Venezuelan "Beisbol de Grande Ligas" sticker album was uncovered (see article link to Sports Collectors Digest article below), The album had spaces for 220 stickers, but only 114 of the stickers were pasted inside. Only players and executives from three teams - the Yankees, Dodgers and Pirates - were included, with the reason why lost to time.

Originally the owner of the album, who collected the stickers as a kid and held onto them for 62 years, was going to keep the album. However, the stickers are now being sold on eBay by a prominent Venezuelan dealer.

The Mantle, Koufax, and Clemente stickers alone sold for $3,000-$4000 each. I was pretty stoked to work out a deal with seller for the Don Zimmer, to add to my Zim PC. Unfortunately their is also another sticker featuring an action shot of Charlie Neal and Zimmer, that I can't get myself to buy at the current asking price. Maybe with some luck.

I love stuff like this - stays hidden all those years and finally sees the light of day. For now, this is the only one known. Could change in the future, but an awesome pickup for me!



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