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Vintagesnowmobiles is a turd, episode 89456, chapter 21


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Jan 11, 2013
Just a turd. Wouldn't buy this card from him/her/whoever for a dollar now, on principle.


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Sep 17, 2011
he's just extorting collectors by creating an artificial price floor. he can have it forever.
The funny thing is, he has had a lot of cards "forever." I remember trying to buy some Chippers from him what feels like eons ago, still has them. I started viewing his ebay seller page as his man cave. Everything is on display, but don't touch!


Jan 19, 2010
It seems like there is always someone else willing to come along and spend way more than they "should" for a card or collectible. I have walked away from MANY deals because the price was not right. I was frustrated in not being able to pick up certain items I might never see again, but you have to be willing to walk away and never look back. That is the only real way to combat the ridiculous asking prices of some sellers. Maybe it doesn't bother them not to sell, but caving and buying because you might not see it lower just to check a box is foolish. I guess it all depends on what you are happy spending. If you buy at the asking price, maybe that is the real value?

That said, I feel as though the market for cards and collectibles is being grossly warped right now. I don't recall seeing anything like it in my collecting tenure. I don't like what I see from a collector perspective, but can't help but think it would be great to experience as a buyer.


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Jan 11, 2013
Their practices aside... $172 seems a bit low for a Purple Clemens?
Maybe, but 2 Bagwells at 113 and 170, Bonds at 200, Larry Walker at 130 and Canseco at 265 are all recent sales. Doesnt seem too far out of line to me. I wouldnt pay 200, let alone more. Clearly, I lost out because of it. And if it had been to a collector that would serve me right in my mind. But it didnt.

The card was well known among the Clemens collector groups online as available the last month after it was listed along with a bunch of semi scarce stuff and I was the only one
even interested in bidding, likely owing to the fact that most others in that circle who want one already have one. I was breaking my own guideline of even paying more than $100 for anything by bidding at 170. I have only done that twice that I can remember out of 2800 unique cards that I have. And I dont want one enough to pay more (honestly I m a little relieved in one sense that I didn't win it, though I would like the card).
Unless there are some Crusade chaser fanatics or set builders still needing a copy, it seems to me like it may join the other 2 grossly overpriced ones that have become furniture on ebay the past few years at 799 and 999.

And , yes, I m a cheapskate. Fully admit it.😁
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Aug 7, 2008
Laguna Niguel, CA
Just be glad you weren't around a few years ago when the 1996 Select Gold Certified cards hit EBAY and they bought several for their EBAY store.. They just barely beat me out for this one and I offered them a nice profit for this card but they still listed it for $4K



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Feb 12, 2020
I don't get it. You're mad that someone is listing their own card for a price that they determined? I'm sorry, but what business is that of yours?

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