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Wander Franco Extension


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Sep 30, 2017
He's 20. If you're going to sign anyone to a 12 year contract it's a 20 year old who came up and had no issue handling the big leagues in the middle of a pennant race.

18.6 AAV isn't that high. That'll likely be a bargain after this CBA is done.


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Jun 22, 2015
Vancouver WA
Top players could be making 45++mil very soon, and this guy has a lot of upside but signs himself away for Kyle Seager AAV. I think he left some meat on the bone here. . . . plus its the Rays, so you know they're lowballing hard.

On a more important note (or not), am I seeing that photo correctly? :unsure: In the beginning the Rays were the Devil Rays but then rebranded as just the Rays with a lame "ray" of light gimmick. Why then does their jersey have both the stingray and the lightbeam on it? Also didn't these guys go from Tampa Bay to just Tampa? . . .then what is the "B" still doing on their cap?! Madness I tell you!! 😂



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Aug 7, 2008
Completely expected. Wrapping up top prospects in longterm, 8-9 figure deals is how it's done today. You don't have to accrue acrimony in annual arbitration, the player gets set for life, and there's a potential savings if the player outperforms his pay. I don't think all terms are known, but I'm sure that there will be a renegotiation at some point, or an opt-out clause, or something. Remember A-Rod's huge Ranger's contract had an opt-out clause that he executed and then resigned for even more. While having a $182M base (there are 2 option years to get up to $223M), if his career and the game's economy keep going the way things are expected, I assume his agent is smart enough to not leave that many potential megabucks on the table. It's smart for Wander, too. He has financially secured himself and his family (and potentially a lot more people) so even if he falls apart somehow, it's set.

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