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Aug 7, 2008
hickory nc
Has been raining . Time to empty van --start loading for season set ups . Three eight foot tables / tent , three bread racks = perfect for team packs = about 6 3200 full , then single cards . Since "CASHLESS " stadium I'll have to invest in several hundred more dollars in 1 /5 10 's . Only thing I have to have help with is tent set up . Really don't make $ if you count time but I enjoy the seeing kids happy . I'll have to upgrade to a phone for charges----stadium was trying to teach others how to do this LOL . I see LONG LINES at certain places . Waiting for players after game there was two BABY DOLLS taunting players --Yes I did go sit with them --college girls - got a laugh you see players glance over to them . Bryan Harvey is local college base ball coach .


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Oct 31, 2010
Morning all! Going to go out to the warehouse this afternoon to do some empty bag inventory. Some big news in our area as one of the other local co-ops bought out the only other grain elevator in the area and a lot of guys aren't too happy about it. Thankfully, we don't handle corn or wheat ourselves, so it doesn't really affect us much

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