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Weekday/Weekend Pickup Thread 2011 to whenever


New member
Aug 9, 2008
A_Pharis said:
COuldn't help myself:


Rollie Fingers signed M & N Oakland Pennant with UDA authentication from Past Time Pennants. I have always wanted a signed pennant and Rollie is good enough.

Very cool piece Adam!


New member
Jul 1, 2010

Do you have a master checklist you keep updated? You must have a very large percentage by now. Great stuff!

1. 1983 glossy blank bank proof. (i have the schmidt as well)
2. 1983 baseball card news subscription card (photo by george callahan)
3. 1985 topps superstar bonus offer
4. topps quaker granola
5. 1987 pro cards (jay if you need this its yours)
6. 1987 fleer stickers (joe if you need this its yours)
7. 1988 nestle eric davis
8. 1989 superstars of the 80s
9. 1989 capn crunch

not new pickups... i meant to post these in the 80s appreciation thread... i am not smart...


New member
Jan 30, 2010
Doin' the happy dance. Been waiting since 2006 for another jersey #ed Kemp chrome to pop up. To top it off, look how the name was spelled. MATHEW Kemp with no matt in the title. Now have Kemp BC ref 027/500, X 027/225, TCU Red X 27/65 Verlander BC ref 035/500, gold 35/50 and Braun gold 08/50. By the time I upgrade blues and golds to # 27, he will be playing for a different team. You'd think the blue or gold would have surfaced by now. BTW, I offered the seller more than what I paid to end it early. Worked out extremely well.


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