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Well, The Fantastic Store keeps having it, so I keep breaking it…2017-18 ITGU case 3


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Apr 11, 2010
Mods, if this is the incorrect location for this thread, please move it. Thanks!

I liked the countdown approach I took last time, and it seemed to resonate well with you guys, too, so I’ll do that again!


Nickname HOF Ed Belfour /30
Nickname HOF Pat Verbeek /30
Nickname HOF Grant Fuhr /30
- These are in no particular order. MAYBE the Belfour and Fuhr should go ahead of the Verbeek simple because they are in the HHOF, but at this point, pretty meh. Kind of cool that the Fuhr is 1/30, but that’s about it.


All Time Rivals Bossy/Trottier/Potvin/Esposito/Davidson/Hedberg /25
- Yay….another copy…I’d rather ANY OTHER CARD IN THAT SET than another one of this card. Is that so much to ask at this point?


Dynamic Duos Dale Hawerchuck / Dave Babych /35
- Alright, a new card! A pretty sweet piece of glove for the Hawerchuk, too.


Dynamic Duos Rob Blake / Scott Stevens /7
- I think this is my third copy of this pairing? Maybe different numbering, I don’t know.


Dynamic Duos Nolan Patrick / Nico Hischier /7
- Two young guns, not bad even if it is my second copy.


Induction Year Doug Gilmour / Mark Howe / Joe Nieuwendyk /35
- Second or third copy, at least it’s pretty to look at.


Autograph Patch Jack Eichel /35
- I don’t know, copy 2 or 3? I lose count.


Autograph Patch Nico Hischier /7
- Low number, bland patch.


Induction Years Guy Lapointe / Steve Shutt / Larry Robinson /15
- Another new card! Woo hoo! Solid stitching on the Shutt piece, too.

#39 and #38

Nickname HOF Brett Hull /12
Nickname HOF Dominik Hasek /12
- Again, low numbers, bland swatches. I wonder what Hasek did to that jersey to make it so dirty? My other copy is like that, too.


Dual Auto Patch Nolan Patrick / Joe Veleno /?
- Another new card! Hooray! Did pretty well with my other redemptions, too, but I’ll show those off another time!


Rare Materials Lanny McDonald /12
- I like these Rare Materials, I do. Just not when they are all 1 color swatches. Plus you just never know if you’re going to get patches or jerseys or skate or something else entirely, because they don’t have a “prime” parallel. Only drawback IMO.


Rare Materials Brendan Shanahan /12
- Again, this one has two patches, a piece of skate, and to pieces of foam or leather or something. Just…random. Building off of the last card, at least give it some different pieces on each card, instead of just 4 jersey swatches or something. Maybe I’m asking too much?


Nickname HOF Glenn Hall /15
- OK, this is more like it for these otherwise boring cards. Nice 2-color swatch, low numbering, HOF goalie. I can dig it.


The Final Curtain Jacques Plante / Bobby Baun /15
- A new card. Not much else to say about this one.


Dual Auto GU Billy Smith / Glenn “Chico” Resch /9
- Another set that I don’t get. I’ve seen some of these with two SWEET patch pieces, and I’ve also gotten a few that are simple jersey swatches. I’m not really sure how they pick and choose what for each card.


Induction Years Gerry Cheevers / Bert Olmstead / Jean Ratelle /15
- Another new card! Very cool leather piece on the Olmstead, too.


Induction Years Michel Goulet / Peter Stastny / Wayne Gretzky /25
- OK, as much as I love Gretzky, I really didn’t need a THIRD copy of this card. Now, to be fair, they are all different foil parallels, but still. I suppose there are worse cards I could be haunted by.


Induction Years Ray Bourque / Paul Coffey / Larry Murphy /9
- Another new card! Plus some sweet swatches on the Bourque and Coffey, which seems to be a good old fashioned silk screen tag! EBAY 1/1!!!11!!!1!


The Final Curtain Hakan Loob (gesundheit) / Lanny McDonald /3
- New card alert! New card alert! Sweet patch on the Loob, too.

#27 and 26

Nickname HOF Prime Daniel Alfredsson /3
Nickname HOF Prime Trevor Linden /5
- OK, two new cards. Nice swatch on the Linden, and the Alfredsson looks like it may have stitching? I don’t know. Pretty weak “prime” swatch.


Dynamic Duos Bobby Clarke / Reggie Leach /7
- The umpteenth copy of this card, but that bulging seam on the Leach makes it worth it.


Super Patch Exclusive Signatures Jack Eichel /35
- Pretty patch, not sure what that random line above his auto is about, though.


Autograph GU Nolan Patrick /15
- Sweet swatch. Hopefully this kid lives up to the hype.


Autograph GU Triple Joe Veleno / Nico Hischier / Nolan Patrick /?
- New card! Yay! Redemption! Boo!


Rare Materials Brian Leetch /3
- OK, now THIS is what I would expect from this card. 4/5 pieces are 3 color. They may be All-Star swatches, but still fantastic.


The Final Curtain Dickie Moore / Bernie Geoffrion /3
- New card! Sweet repair work on the Moore piece, and nice leather for the Boom Boom.


Induction Years Ken Dryden / Bobby Hull / Stan Mikita /6
- One simply cannot go wrong with a trio like that. Also, new card!


The Final Curtain Ken Dryden / Bernie Parent /4
- Interestingly enough, this card and the previous one were in the same pack/box. Two Dryden’s in one box – can’t complain about that at all!


Nickname HOF Maurice Richard /5
- Second copy of this card, but with the Rocket, there’s no room to complain about that.


All Time Gr8’s Garry Unger / Marcel Dionne / Gilbert Perreault / Pete Mahovlich / Phil Esposito / Bobby Clarke / Darryl Sittler / Rick Martin /30
- OK, this is another one of those cards I just don’t get. Amazing swatches on the Mahovlich and even the Perrault and Dionne, but this isn’t a “prime” parallel. I’m so confused! Also, new card FTW.


Nickname HOF Alexander Ovechkin 8/30
- OK, this card wouldn’t be nearly as high on anyone else’s list, but it’s my list, so here it is. I’ve wanted a copy of this card since the get go, and for it to be his jersey number? Bonus.


Induction years Paul Kariya / Mark Recchi / Teemu Selanne /35
- New card! Plus amazing swatches on the Kariya and Flash of Finnish origin.


Induction Years Sergei Fedorov / Phil Housley / Nicklas Lidstrom /12
- Solid triple here. Plus all multi-colored. I like it.


Auto GU Kim St-Pierre /4
- Sweet logo swatch from a stick. I’m loving that Leaf included some of the best of Women’s hockey in this product. Now if they had only included US women as well….


Auto GU Charline Labonte /2
- Yep, still loving the inclusion of women’s international hockey. Still waiting for those US ones, though…*coughgetonitBriancough*

Still with me? Who’s ready for the Top 10??


All-Time Gr8’s Prime Stan Mikita / Bobby Hull / Jean Beliveau / Frank Mahovlich / Gordie Howe / Norm Ullman / Alex Delvecchio / Dave Keon /9
- You can’t stop that Mikita swatch, you can only hope to contain it. Which this card fails miserably at. And I couldn’t be happier about it. Again, though, I just don’t understand what Leaf was thinking when putting together some of these cards. This is a prime parallel, but one color swatches on 5 of the 8? C’mon, guys. You’re killing me here.


The Letterman Billy Smith 1/1
- OK, maybe I’m missing something here. As far as I know, there is no G in Billy Smith, or New York Islanders. This is WAY too new looking of a swatch to be a Kings jersey from the 5 whopping games he played in his first year in the league. So can someone, ANYONE, please tell me what this is from. It literally makes no sense to me.


Vintage Memorabilia Tiny Thompson /2
- Not much to say on this one. Beauty.


Vintage Memorabilia Newsy Lalonde /3
- Another beauty.


Autograph GU Bernie Parent /7
- Like that Mikita patch earlier, you can’t stop this Parent swatch, you can only hope to contain it. Which this card fails miserably at. I can’t stop looking at this card.


All Time Rivals Prime Bobby Clarke / Bernie Parent / Bill Barber / Phil Esposito / Bobby Orr / Johnny Bucyk /5
- Can’t go wrong with a 2-color Orr. Except when the other 5 are all single color. Leaf, you can do better for something called “prime.”


All Time Gr8’s Rogie Vachon / Bernie Parent / Billy Smith / Tony Esposito / Ken Dryden / Gerry Cheevers / Ed Giacomin / Eddie Johnston /5
- Something something can’t stop something something only contain something something Bernie something something WOW.


Rare Materials Wayne Gretzky /3
- Not much to say on this one. Would’ve liked some better quality swatches, but can’t ever go wrong with a Great One /3.


Vintage Memorabilia Triple Ace Bailey / Hap Day / King Clancy /2
- Yep. Beauty. Beast. All of it.


Vintage Memorabilia Dual Turk Broda / Bill Durnan 1/1
- :D

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :D

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