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What do you play?


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May 28, 2009
Trials Frontier on an iPad is my favorite game. It’s the only mobile game that I still play and I play it more than any console game. I’ve been playing the game for around 5 years or so, which is probably the longest I’ve stuck with any game.

I play most of the Call of Duty games too and am waiting for Last of Us 2 to come out. The first one was great!

I loved the old EA NCAA football franchise and an hopeful they’ll bring that back when the kids start getting paid for their likeness...

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Dec 27, 2010
Yeah the Last of Us was fantastic.

I still play Clash Royale on my phone and I am currently playing Luigi''s Mansion on the Switch.


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Mar 4, 2020
Used to play Asphalt 8 now switched to another type of games - rpg :cool: WoW is my favourite one! Usually my friends and I spend about 100-150 dollars each on different gaming boosters :cool: not long ago (about 2 months or so) I started playing Nyalotha but couldn't accomplish this difficult mission being not experienced and skillful enough. Every single time those 12 bosses defeated me :eek: in the end I decided to buy some booster via Overgear https://overgear.com/games/wow/raids/nyalotha. I don't remember how much it cost me exactly but it was worth it as the booster saved my nerves greatly :-D
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Apr 7, 2020
Minecraft Pocket Edition - a game for Android - my favorite game, but I try not to play it all day, I did it before, otherwise it quickly bothers


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Mar 30, 2020
You can go on ICC (Internet Chess Club) and play all you want. Yes, it costs $70/year (that calculates to less than 20 cents per day). You can play bullet, blitz, G/30, and even standard time controls. They hold mini-tournaments of various time controls throughout the day. You can also play against computers at all levels. The good ones will pounce on every tactical error you make, so it makes for a good training partner. They also have tactical and endgame puzzles for different levels. I used to be on there, but I no longer have the time to play, let alone study. I only read chess literature for leisure. One book I would recommend for your level is Perfect Your Chess by Andrei Voloktin. It is a difficult book, but it is a book that helps you train your way of thinking.

Always dreamt to play chess like a pro, like Bobby Fischer. But for lots of reasons I failed every single time I took it up. It is like classical music: it is considered noble to know it and to listen to it but it is hard to make yourself listen to it when you don't actually want to.


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Mar 4, 2020
I play a lot of different games online. This is my hobby and I can't live without this. So I play different slots and learn more about online gaming. Everyone can try it.
I wouldn't be sure that gaming should be a hobby. In my opinion hobby should make you better in some ways. And gaming doesn't do it. And what you are talking about can even make you broke. Be careful with that man!

My son persuaded me to play PUBG :mrgreen:

PUBG used to be really popular some time ago. Is it now?

Not long ago I downloaded Asphalt 9. It was terrible as I had to pay literaly for everything. Damn. It was awful. Every single step, every option is not free. And the whole game is too simple. You can even play without participation just press buttons of acceleration. That's it. I was really upset to find out that most games need different kinds of donations if you want to play them with comfort.

Agree! It is a tendency that you should pay each your step if you want to get the high level in a game. Don't think that such tendencies will lead to any good consequences. My opinion.


Jul 2, 2019
On my phone playing a lot of checkers. Anyone remember boxerjam site from like 10 years ago? I loved playing strike a match.


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Apr 7, 2020
Earn to death 2. Interestingly, he is not picky about software for a long time, it works even on weak smartphones, and for free. The first part is for some reason because of the money.

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