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What's hot and what's not in the hobby?

Altuve topps updates are hot. Just ask [MENTION=1763]moxacaine[/MENTION]
I had like 15 of them and I gave them all away to John Ryno a couple years back.

I was preparing for the move to SC and needed to toss tens of thousands of cards I no longer had room for so I separated certain players into lots and gave em away to members of Blowout. I opened so many cases of 2011 Topps Update when it came out. So many cards tossed. Although I held onto certain rookies like Goldschmidt. Sold my Trouts a few years back. Sold lots of the top rookies. Still have a bunch of rookies from Update but none of the big guns.


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Nov 3, 2014
And I don't think they produce as much Update?
Another good point. Topps printed a ton of cases of BC during Strasburg mania.

Also, do die hard collectors consider the BC prospects as inserts?


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Jun 8, 2010
New Hampshire
Thought I'd try something like this since I'm just not in a place where I can do a hotlist...i'll try and keep it moving but please add what you would like to add!

Let's start with a hot prospect who some may have written off at one point.

Dominic Smith cards are catching fire!

View attachment 71864

This card was 71 dollars in may


Now you can get a raw copy for about the same price...


His higher end stuff is doing even better!

Who do you have?

Does this card look 9.5 centering to you? If top to bottom can be off in this set, then both my clean copies are 9.5 centering and have an easy shot to gem. This graded one looks the same as the centering of the card on the right, below, and the one on the left is better than that one, which is why I should conclude both are 9.5 centering or better-- right?

smith 9.5 centering.jpg

smith 2 au.jpg


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Jun 8, 2010
New Hampshire
Have you seen Hoskins stuff lately? Over $209 for a green ref /150 like this one on auction, raw. I guess I should list this one? :)


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