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    Wow, throwback thread mention. I have a scan of that Edgar Martinez somewhere I'm sure. Hope everyone is well.
  2. 200lbhockeyplayer

    I believe UD put out another fake autograph

    Here's the overlay. She was notorious for using a stamp. You can also tell with the consistency of the ink flow.
  3. 200lbhockeyplayer

    1934 Goudey Dick Porter Superfractor - and a Superfractor "How to..."

    It's been a white since I've posted a custom or a custom "how to" so this should be an appropriate "knock out two birds with one stone" approach. As a lot of you already know, Dick Porter (an old family friend of my father and grandfather) had a mere two main cards from his playing days - 1933...
  4. 200lbhockeyplayer

    Ridiculous Dick Porter Acquisition - 1933 Who's Who in Baseball Book...player owned copy

    For those that collect players from the early 1930s, you’re probably familiar with this book. However, you’re probably more familiar to it in the standard red covered retail format if you own the book. Or simply the specific page of your guy. Countless copies have been chopped up and made into...
  5. 200lbhockeyplayer

    Vintage Dodgers/Giants Photo Find with Negatives - Mays, McCovey, Hodges, Newcombe

    A quality pick-up of some unseen/unpublished vintage autographing shots...with negatives. Labels added by me...deckled-edge is the photo.
  6. 200lbhockeyplayer

    Looking to Build A Game Used/Auto Box O Goodies - Any Interest?

    I got the address too late mail Wednesday and I couldn't get the box out yesterday, but it's on it's way to Hawk. Insured for $500. Here is what I pulled out... Thanks for the 1934 Goudey Porter and the team bag gents. Definitely a fun round. Here's what I put in... Of note, there are two...
  7. 200lbhockeyplayer

    Are you smarter than a cgilmo?

    170. Einstein. Mongo Einstein.
  8. 200lbhockeyplayer

    I need some quick help from someone who is decent at photoshop

    Does this work? Not sure which Putin riding a bear pic you had in mind...there are a bunch now.
  9. 200lbhockeyplayer

    Picture of the day..Friday September 20, 2013...... Memories of a terrible trade

    The collegiate debut of UNC freshman right-hander Matt Harvey. February 26, 2008. The catcher...Tim Federowicz. The first-baseman...Dustin Ackley. The right-fielder...Tim Fedroff. The second-baseman...Kyle Seager.
  10. 200lbhockeyplayer

    Southern League Houston Buffs and Austin Senators

    Laxcat do you have a scanner? I'd love a high-resolution scan of this logo from the front for a silkscreen.
  11. 200lbhockeyplayer

    1947 Birmingham Barons Team Signed Baseball with HOFer player/manager Bill Dickey

    Running the club for 7 World Series title seasons behind the plate for the Yankees, Dickey replaced legendary HOFer manager Joe McCarthy in May of 1946 and managed through the rest of the season. Dickey, however, only managed one other club professionally...Southern Association's Little Rock...
  12. 200lbhockeyplayer

    1934 Goudey in poor, poor condition...and my favorite

    Okay, so those who know my collecting habits...Dick Porter is a focus. With only two main cards, it's limited to chase so I always look for oddballs, mis-cuts, etc. so why is this copy my favorite (out of roughly 60 copies of this card including a PSA 8)? The era handwriting on the back. Sure...
  13. 200lbhockeyplayer

    Bud Selig's legacy...should he accept a lifetime ban upon retirement?

    A lot of valid points here After A-Rod Ban, Time to Talk More Seriously About Commissioner Selig's Own Tarnished Legacy | Jonathan Weiler And a great time to pop this graphic up again...
  14. 200lbhockeyplayer

    This Weeks Hot List is LIVE.... and apparently a big deal on blow out.

    Super Mod, seriously...is the notion of collecting sticks in the yard too much to handle? Stating that I have "no regard for kindness towards others" is actually being an asshole, a lying misleading asshole actually. Still upset that little Sally chose someone else for the turnabout dance in...
  15. 200lbhockeyplayer

    This Weeks Hot List is LIVE.... and apparently a big deal on blow out.

    Corry was far more flippant than contrite. Wanting more of a pat on the back for doing a "good thing for the hobby" rather than just owning up to a simple error. The clown on Blowout was ridiculous for calling it out the way he did, no one denies that. However, it was what transpired that made...

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