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    The Minor League Daily Thread - 5/15

    I hear Jeter Downs had a nice day 3-4 with a dinger!
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    ******MORNING THREAD 5/14/21******

    Morning everyone, was supposed to a crappy weather week here buts it's been pretty solid, hopefully the sun stays around for the weekend
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    The Minor League Daily Thread - 5/13

    Love seeing Duran and casas make the list!
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    Rickey Henderson Collectors Thread

    There's a lot of incredible things posted on this site....but that ...might be the most impressive thing I've seen/read yet! Wow...
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    The Minor League Daily Thread - 5/13

    @Jaypers heard anything concrete on Brendan McKay? I never see much of an update they just push his return date out a few days at a time.
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    Rickey Henderson Collectors Thread

    That is super cool, I don't think I've seen one before. To me that certainly a better item than whatever random color parallel Topps decides to poop out and stamp it /10. Great addition!
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    Pitching today...

    I think a huge consideration is the continuing evolution of batting strategy, with strikeouts continuing to climb as guys just swing away like it's the only way to do it I think it makes sense we might see more no hitters and more pitchers having better numbers
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    ******MORNING THREAD 5/13******************

    Morning everyone, got my second shot this morning, I won't be terribly upset if I don't feel well and have to leave work early
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    ********MORNING THREAD 5/12/21*********

    Morning everyone. Barry I think in my area the numbers of seniors out and about has been higher than most because they were fully vaccinated first, but it is an odd shift for sure, things will catch up soon
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    Putting a 1911 T205 Gold Border Christy Mathewson Under a Microscope!

    Love the 205s only have one, but it's one of my favorite vintage sets. Did not know they made it with metal flakes, that's super cool!
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    The Minor League Daily Thread - 5/11

    I believe I saw Jarren Duran went deep twice! Excited to see this kid in the bigs. I think he will be taking over for either renfroe or franchy sooner rather than later
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    ********MORNING THREAD 5/11*********

    Morning everyone
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    The Minor League Daily Thread - 5/10

    I just saw the Mariners are bringing up Kelenic for Tuesday
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    *****MONDAY MORNING THREAD 5/10/21*********

    Morning everyone. Sorry for your loss @lonesomeagle1, always tough when something like that happens.
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    ******SUNDAY MORNING THREAD 5/9/21**********

    Morning everyone

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