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    *******GOOD SUNDAY MORNING***** 1/17

    Morning everyone
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    *****SATURDAY MT***** 1/16

    Morning, gloomy looking out there today
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    January - New Arrivals Thread

    It's odd to me the mcgwire has a fenway background...I know Oakland's stadium isn't quite as picturesque but still, weird
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    &&&&Morning Thread for FRIDAY 1/15/21 has arrived&&&&

    Morning everyone, supposed to see a lot of rain here this weekend
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    ****Good Morning THURSDAY 1/14/21****

    Morning everybody
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    ****Good Morning WEDNESDAY 1/13/21****

    Morning everyone
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    Tim Wakefield Thread

    It appears to be, compared to my other autos, it looks real but not even part of it for me honestly. The "Red Sox Wives" typically put this on where they sell the cards for a price and autos are extra and all that then all the money goes to charity. I have no reason to think it's autopen or...
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    Tim Wakefield Thread

    A few things to post in here, some nice things but this is one that I was crazy excited for when I saw it. Player/team collectors know what a huge pain these types of things are to track down years later. Just about every year the red Sox have a team 4x6 set released, it's usually a charity...
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    ****Good Morning TUESDAY 1/12/21****

    Morning everyone, little surprised the game ended up being so lopsided
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    *****GOOD SUNDAY MORNING***** 1/10

    Morning everyone
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    Help IDing a card

    Also the bottom is cut off a bit, any markings down there? What are the dimensions roughly? Key board gives me an idea, about the size of a standard piece of paper?
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    Help IDing a card

    I'll go through my stuff in the near future, Lord is a former Red Sox captain so I've looked into several things like this, at first glance I think this is the one from the 1910's the uniform looks different from the other issue I looked at. I believe he went from red Sox to white Sox around...
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    Some days trying to get my kid to nap is enough work to make me need a nap if my own
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    Introducing the "Garvey a day" thread

    Loving the thread, and yes, I'd love to see more topps vault too
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    Roberto Alomar Collector's Thread

    I've got a couple of the pacific show embossed cards as well, neat idea they had.

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