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    July pick up thread

    The acuna finest is wicked cool! He's like Griffey in that he almost always looks like he's having fun
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    *******MORNING THREAD 7/9************

    Thank goodness for Linux, I'm 37, thought I would have all the "old age rage" thrown at me! Here's a fun lesson...stay off eBay when you're drinking. I had one of those "I'll take a chance" thoughts last week when I was a few beers in. Nothing really terrible but a $60 reprint is more than...
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    Griffey Collector's Thread - Part Two..

    I shouldn't be surprised given what I've seen you post....this is amazing
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    Griffey Collector's Thread - Part Two..

    2001 ultimate is probably one of my favorite releases of all time, I just love the look. Griffeys signature on that design is amazing
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    Fellow Minnesotains.............

    Damn climate change.... evaporated 5,000 lakes and no one noticed
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    Fellow Minnesotains.............

    Is it like vinyl type material over canvas like a bank deposit bag or something? Might have been used at a town hall for money back in the day
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    Xxxxx Morning Thread July 4th xxxx Happy Covid 4th of July

    Morning everyone, have fun stay safe
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    Leake, Zimmermann and Ross opt out

    Believe me I understand the owners "need" to have a season for tv, sponsorship, advertising etc... I'm just saying that the divide this widened between the owners and PA could prove incredibly detrimental to the labor negotiation. I'd rather have a pandemic scrapped season rather that a lockout...
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    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    That Teddy would look mighty fine in my red sox box.... That's an amazing group!
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    Leake, Zimmermann and Ross opt out

    I miss baseball dearly but at this point I think both sides would be better off calling the season off and trying to improve labor relations and hammer out a long term agreement
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    **************SUNDAY MORNING THREAD 6/28***********

    Morning everyone, I'm back to work now so Sunday actually has meaning again, enjoy your day
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    ***MORNING THREAD 6/19***********

    Morning everyone, scored my first good deal in a while on eBay last night 98 Tek diffractor Biggio for $15
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    *********MORNING THREAD 6/15***********

    Morning everyone, I wish the players and owners could work this crap out. I miss baseball.
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    Don Mattingly

    I think it will take a title for him, and possibly several strong years on either side of it. He was a wonderful player but didn't last, he will need to be a well above average manager to get the bump.
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    Project 2020 Jeter card #59 is shipping..

    Is it just me or would this concept be cooler if they included more players?? I've seen several designs of the same player, that to me is lamer than some of the designs.