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  1. clarkzac

    *******GOOD SUNDAY MORNING***** 1/17

    Morning all. Had a nice little mail day yesterday. Michael Cuddyer game used and signed bat. One if my favorite former Twins. Sent from my SM-N970U using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  2. clarkzac

    &&&&Morning Thread for FRIDAY 1/15/21 has arrived&&&&

    Morning all! Had a nice little $100 safety bonus show up on my paystub today. Our location has gone a year without any incidents. This was the main office's way to offer incentives to be safe at work. Get a safety lunch every quarter without an accident, and $100 cash if you make it the whole...
  3. clarkzac

    ****Good Morning THURSDAY 1/14/21****

    I wish you luck! Went home for lunch today and our power must have flickered because I had to reset the clocks on the microwave and oven. My coworkers fence was blown over, neighbors shed blown off it's slab, and then a few businesses in town had their signs blown out.
  4. clarkzac

    ****Good Morning THURSDAY 1/14/21****

    Had 77 mph wind gusts last night. Steady 25-30 mph this morning. And it just snowed for a short bit. For about 2 minutes you couldn't see further than 10 feet in front of you
  5. clarkzac

    ****Good Morning THURSDAY 1/14/21****

    Morning all! Gonna be a long, slow day at work today.
  6. clarkzac

    ****Good Morning WEDNESDAY 1/13/21****

    I miss it up there. Having the Missouri River right there was something that I took for granted.
  7. clarkzac

    ****Good Morning WEDNESDAY 1/13/21****

    I grew up in Pierre, SD.
  8. clarkzac

    ****Good Morning WEDNESDAY 1/13/21****

    Morning all. Somebody sent me a link that led me down a rabbit hole. I was looking at the athletes in the South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame, and found that one of the best nicknames in baseball belongs to a South Dakotan. James "Death Valley Jim" Scott was born in Deadwood, SD and had a...
  9. clarkzac

    ****Good Morning TUESDAY 1/12/21****

    Afternoon all!
  10. clarkzac

    ****Good Morning Thread FRIDAY 1/8/21****

    2021 starts where 2020 left off. Tommy Lasorda has passed away. A lot of legends gone in the last year.
  11. clarkzac

    ****Good Morning Thread FRIDAY 1/8/21****

    Morning all. Had a light dusting of snow last night. Should melt off the roads by noon if the sun would ever come out.
  12. clarkzac

    *****GOOD THURSDAY MT 1/07

    I can't make fun of the Mets too much more if they actually do get Lindor.
  13. clarkzac

    *****GOOD THURSDAY MT 1/07

    Morning all. I got plenty of sleep last night. I was exhausted from getting hardly any sleep the night before (3-4 hours tops), so I was asleep by 7:30 lastnight and slept until 6:30 this morning. Because nobody actually like the Mets? Just kidding. Not sure what the issue would be, just...
  14. clarkzac

    *****WEDNESDAY Morning Thread 1/6/21*****

    Good morning all!
  15. clarkzac

    ****Good Morning MONDAY 1/4/20****

    Good morning all! Was rough waking up this morning to come back to work after the 3 days off

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