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  1. clarkzac

    **********MONDAY MORNING THREAD 7/13""""""""""

    Morning all!
  2. clarkzac

    *********MORNING THREAD 7/10************

    Morning all! Got hit with a decent hailstorm last night. Gonna look at the roof later today, but that sounds miserable with a high of 100 today. And to answer the question from yesterday's thread from @MrMet and @linuxabuser I just turned 27 back in May
  3. clarkzac

    ...........MONDAY MORNING THREAD 7/6**************

    Morning all! Had a busy, long weekend. Painted the house over the weekend with my dad. Have to do the trim on 2 sides of the house still, but with the forecast looking as hot as it is for the next 10 days I'll probably wait for a cooler day.
  4. clarkzac

    ************MORNING THREAD 7/1************

    Morning all. Only 2 more days of work this week. Had to make another trip to Menards last night since I bought the wrong extension springs for my garage door over the weekend. The springs were $16 each, but somehow I spent $140 there haha. Got a couple of new outdoor light fixtures to replace...
  5. clarkzac

    ********* MONDAY BLAH 6/29 MORNING THREAD*********

    Good morning all. Short work week this week. We split it up so we can be open all week this week and next, so half of us get Friday and the other half gets Monday off. My dad is coming for the weekend and we are going to paint the house Friday/Saturday
  6. clarkzac

    **************SUNDAY MORNING THREAD 6/28***********

    Morning all. 85 degrees at 10 AM already. Trying to do some stuff in the garage is miserable. Have to get new extension springs for the garage door before umi can open it again. Got some from Menards last night based on the color code, but something must have changed because the ones I bought...
  7. clarkzac

    ***********FRIDAY MOR ING THREAD 6/26**********

    Here are my recent pick ups. All three are from 1982-1983. With the Hrbek I already have, I now have game used bats from 3 of the 1987 WS starters for the Twins
  8. clarkzac

    ***********FRIDAY MOR ING THREAD 6/26**********

    Morning all! Glad it's Friday. Gonna make another trip to Menard's this weekend, only my 3rd trip in a week. Slowly getting stuff to remodel our bathroom, but gonna save the actual work for the winter when I don't wanna be outside. Decided this week that we are going to paint the house next...
  9. clarkzac

    *****MORNING THREAD 6/25************

    Morning all. Just about all caught up at work. Just waiting to hear back from the guys at one of our other facilities about whether or not I can invoice a few of the farmers they deal with
  10. clarkzac

    *********MORNING THREAD 6/24 *******

    Oh I know. The hobby has been on the back burner for almost 18 months now (Bennett will be 18 months in just over a week). It's also been a busy time at work with farmers coming in for bean seed so I haven't had as much time to pop in in the mornings like normal. After the end of the month...
  11. clarkzac

    *********MORNING THREAD 6/24 *******

    Morning all! My ears were burning thanks to @MrMet yesterday 😂 And @linuxabuser there aren't that many beans left in the bins for me to be buried in them lol. Not kidding, we are having to space loads out so there is something for the warehouse to do until harvest in September. I've been busy...
  12. clarkzac

    -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-Thursday Morning Thread-:-:-:-:-:-:-

    Morning all. Turning into a nice day here so far. Chance of rain tonight, but looks like the rest of the day should be clear. Jayme might decide that she wants to plant her flowers tonight as there's a chance of rain through Sunday
  13. clarkzac

    ************MORNING THREAD 5/13*********

    Good morning all. Finally going through some of my father in laws belongings. Jaymes mom has brought a few boxes of stuff over for us to go through and sort amongst his 6 kids and other family members. So far, there is one thing I claimed for myself, just need to figure the best way to repair...
  14. clarkzac

    **********MORNING THREAD 5/12**************

    Oh, I'll still complain about mowing haha. I don't mind it, but it's finding the time anymore
  15. clarkzac

    **********MORNING THREAD 5/12**************

    Good morning all. Still pretty gloomy outside today. Tomorrow is looking like the nicest day until Sunday. I'm ready for it to warm up though as the grass I planted a week ago needs some heat to get going

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