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  1. Dilferules

    February 2023 - New Arrivals

    Let's start off a new month: The Zito is from a giveaway set at the 2003 Futures game...it doesn't seem to be catalogued by Beckett and I had never heard of nor seen one before. Thanks to @nevermore for the heads up! Sammy Stewart gets my signed 1988 Topps set needs down to 19. He's not a...
  2. Dilferules

    Dilferules's 1988-present Oakland A's autograph thread

    A new one today: JP Sears - Picked up in the Frankie Montas trade, he pitched quite a bit for the A's last year and has a shot at a rotation spot in 2023. I believe this is his only certified auto so far. hopefully he gets one with an A's picture. Currently 727/733, missing three from 2022...
  3. Dilferules

    2005 BDP

    I believe the White/225 and Red/1 "paper" cards would have replaced based "paper" within the packs, not chrome cards. Unless the Red cards were thick like the Golds (I don't own a Red so I don't know) then those would have replaced the Gold card in the pack if you were that lucky. And yes...
  4. Dilferules

    January 2023 - New Arrivals

    Yes that was me - there were 3 Catfish Hunter autographed cards during his lifetime: The 1998 Donruss Signature you just picked up, his only MLB-licensed auto 1993 Nabisco (airbrushed Yankees uniform) 1995 Jimmy Dean (airbrushed A's uniform)
  5. Dilferules

    Oooops! NT Version…

    I can kind of understand how the mixup on the Ruth card happened if you had somebody with absolutely zero knowledge and no supervision or instruction, as George Brett's autograph sort of kind of looks like it could say Babe Ruth if you squint, put in eyedrops, and stare at the sun for a few...
  6. Dilferules

    January 2023 - New Arrivals

    2006 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor Frank Thomas, pretty tough one to find. It actually wasn't the last one I needed for that team set, though, still need a common I can't track down. 2014 Stadium Club Electric Foil Mark McGwire. These are really tough and if you believe stated insertion ratios...
  7. Dilferules

    January 2023 - New Arrivals

    Huge addition to my A's collection in today's mail: 2005 Donruss Signature Inkcredible Trio Zito/Mulder/Hudson, print run 37. For being so associated with each other, these three have appeared on very few triple-auto cards, with total print run of all of them combined being below 100...
  8. Dilferules

    Rickey Henderson Collectors Thread

    Nice, that's a tough one for sure. Gives me hope I'll find the two guys I'm missing some day.
  9. Dilferules

    Rickey Henderson Collectors Thread

    I feel like some players in the set are harder to find than others. There are a couple of A's that I absolutely haven't been able to track down at all, and there are none even showing in a completed item search on COMC. It's certainly possible they didn't make this parallel for some players or...
  10. Dilferules

    Thoughts and opinions on these cards please

    It's pretty common to see stuff like that for Pacific, I know they pop up on COMC from time to time. It's like you said, whatever somebody is willing to pay. I personally am not interested in these types for my baseball collection but if somebody likes them or supercollects a player they might...
  11. Dilferules

    January 2023 - New Arrivals

    Finally some new pickups for my signed '88 Topps set: Great to finally get the second Clemens card in the set. I'd rather not have "To Joe" on the Randolph but I guess it's sort of an authenticator, who is going to forge a Willie Randolph sig and personalize it. I only need one more card to...
  12. Dilferules

    BucCollector's Pirates Autographs, 1970-1979

    Panini is weird with Gossage, they've made several Goose A's cards. He did pitch a couple of years for them near the end of his career but who remembers him for that.
  13. Dilferules

    January 2023 - New Arrivals

    1936 Goudey Pinky Higgins completes the team set! Which is just this one card, ha. Still a little ways to go on 1940 Play Ball, but it's always nice to pick up a Blimp Hayes card. Some recent Topps Black and Independence Day parallels. 2003 Topps Tribute Contemporary Collection Gold Mark...
  14. Dilferules

    Dilferules's 1988-present Oakland A's autograph thread

    One new one: David McKay - Pitched a single game for the A's in 2022. Incredibly he's pitched 5 MLB games since 2020...for 4 different teams. Not to be confused with former A's player and coach Dave McKay. Now at 726/733. It would be nice to at least find the remaining 4 2022 guys I need...
  15. Dilferules

    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    Very nice! I need to pick up one of the $100,000 infield cards some day.

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