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    Bill Simmons interview with Theo Epstein

    If you have the time (and the Spotify app), this Bill Simmons podcast with Theo Epstein is worth a listen. First thirty minutes is about NBA, which I skipped, last 80 minutes is Epstein. Roughly the first half of that is him getting into Red Sox and Cubs tenures, with a lot of minutia about...
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    Therion's All Time Astros Autograph Collection (932 Reached!! 22 To Go!)

    I dig it, love to see the older signed cards along with your customs, which look fantastic.
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    Topps going public. What does this mean for the hobby?

    They used to be public, before Eisner’s group took them private. I don’t think this changes much for the hobby, tbh.
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    1985? Denver Broncos cups

    I will have to think about it, but I'm glad that someone is interested at least. If it wasn't clear from my post/photos, there are four cups, with two players on each, correlating from left to right in the two photos (i.e., Chavous is opposite Johnson, Wright is opposite Elway, etc)...
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    1985? Denver Broncos cups

    Thanks, that’s very helpful. I did a completed eBay search and found nothing, so this is good to see. Yeah I agree that Elway is the biggest deal (obviously), and I was hoping to find out that this was an “RC” cup of some kind (if they were put out in ‘83 or ‘84, but 85 is my best guess)...
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    1985? Denver Broncos cups

    I'm not a football guy, and I don't really post on any other message boards, so I thought I'd throw this here and see if anyone had any thoughts. I grew up in Colorado Springs, and I recently found these plastic cups in the back of my childhood closet. They are 7-Eleven Big Gulp cups, and each...
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    Back after literally years..original member of the site

    Crazy to think that was over 12 years ago now
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    my best ever acquisition.

    Beautiful piece! Got plans to display it?
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    Decent little pull from a 2020 Stadium Club blaster

    Wow, retail can be pretty hard to find these days, so when I saw two SC blasters at Walmart, I grabbed them. I do like the photography. The only pull of note was a Ken Griffey Jr. Blue variation, #28/50. I'm glad they have some retired greats in the set, and they chose a sweet photo of Junior...
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    1989 Fleer Bill Ripken F Face error card

    That rack pack is fantastic.
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    Blaster and some packs of 2019 Bowman

    I grabbed a blaster and three packages that each come with 2 packs of bowman and a pack of five camo parallels. I got 15 camos of course, and like 30 chrome cards, not gonna list those but lmk if you want details, are building a set or whatever. Refractors: Nolan Gorman 455/499 Keston Hiura...
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    Crappy airbrushing in Topps series 1

    There's a bit of history with Topps airbrushing jerseys onto players after they have changed teams, and I actually tend to like the examples of this from the 80s (pretty common in the traded sets). But while opening a box of 2019 series 1 flagship, several cards jumped out at me as looking fake...
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    2019 Topps series 1 jumbo box

    It has become a custom of mine to warm up for ST by ripping a box of the flagship, so here are the results of this year's. SILVER PACK REFRACTORS Acuna Bryant Justus Sheffield RC GREEN (#1/99) ADVANCED STATS VARIATION Luis Severino 027/150 150TH ANN. STAMP Atlanta Braves team card Seattle...