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Bill Simmons interview with Theo Epstein

Mighty Bombjack

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Aug 7, 2008
If you have the time (and the Spotify app), this Bill Simmons podcast with Theo Epstein is worth a listen. First thirty minutes is about NBA, which I skipped, last 80 minutes is Epstein. Roughly the first half of that is him getting into Red Sox and Cubs tenures, with a lot of minutia about those World Series runs and some funny stuff comparing the fan bases. The real money is the last 30 minutes, imo; Epstein is currently an acting consultant for MLB, so he’s doing the data and toying with possible MLB rule changes in minor leagues. I generally shake my old man fist at those, but this interview has me rethinking that a bit.

Epstein truly is the ‘boy genius.’ I have his signed Cubs GM business card in my “lock future HOF” collection. If anyone listens (or has listened), I’d love to hear your thoughts on this interview.

Side note: I originally downloaded the Spotify app for Simmons’ podcast called The Rewatchables, which has episodes breaking down classic movies. I really enjoy that and it has become my family’s go-to listen in longer car rides (though be aware that there is some NSFW language in a few episodes).


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Aug 7, 2008
You don’t have to download Spotify; it’s also available on Apple podcasts

I’ll give it a listen this afternoon

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