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  1. Randy Shields

    70's music

    Absolutely one of my favorite Zeppelin songs but for the life of me I cannot understand all this remastering that goes on because it seems that in most cases it's not nearly as good as the original!
  2. Randy Shields

    ************MORNING THREAD 7/1************

    I'm just a simple Maxwell House French Roast kind of guy Barry if that's okay with everybody?
  3. Randy Shields

    Steve Martin's Reply to Fan-Mail

    Man who is there anyway we can have a vetting process for these asshats or is there any way to block a bot?
  4. Randy Shields

    ************MORNING THREAD 7/1************

    Hey, Thanks you guys! You gentlemen are truly some of the best people on any board anywhere and it's always been a true pleasure to be a part of it!!
  5. Randy Shields

    ************MORNING THREAD 7/1************

    I was 37 and she was 31. I was the one who never wanted to get married or have kids when I was young. Of course years later that changed and these are the fruits of our labor. So proud of these young ladies! ❤ It's weird because I was selfish when I was younger and it was all about me but now...
  6. Randy Shields

    ************MORNING THREAD 7/1************

    That reminds me, I need to floss before we go...
  7. Randy Shields

    ************MORNING THREAD 7/1************

    Well guys, 20 years of marriage today for my wife and I with 3 beautiful daughters to show for it. We're celebrating with an overnight stay at a place in Toledo, Ohio called Belamere Suites. Private garage, in-room private pool, sauna, walk-in shower, couples massages, European style...
  8. Randy Shields

    ***********FRIDAY MOR ING THREAD 6/26**********

    Let's see... Eeny, meeny, miny, moe! :p
  9. Randy Shields

    *********MORNING THREAD 6/24 *******

    PLEASE forgive me... I tried not to post this and I know it's thon.. er, uhm..wrong, butt...Happy Hump Day!
  10. Randy Shields

    *********MORNING THREAD 6/24 *******

    Oh Good Lord! I WOULD DROWN!!!
  11. Randy Shields

    What are you listening to?

    Here's a good article that addresses that pretty well: https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ozzy-osbourne-gives-update-on-his-recovery-im-getting-there-slowly-but-surely/ Sorry but I can't talk Ozzy without talking about my boy. I really like this studio out-takes version of Dee. He wrote it for...
  12. Randy Shields

    *********MORNING THREAD 6/24 *******

    (y) I like this rule too especially with the season being shortened. Makes it a little bit easier on the players.
  13. Randy Shields

    *********MORNING THREAD 6/24 *******

    So just out of curiosity, how does everyone like their coffee anyway?-Besides with the young ladies posted by lonesomeagle1.. ;) I personally bounce back and forth between a little powdered creamer and a little liquid French vanilla creamer. Seems I go on stints that way.
  14. Randy Shields

    **********MONDAY MORNING THREAD 6/22*******

    I just can't...
  15. Randy Shields

    **********MONDAY MORNING THREAD 6/22*******

    Yep, just more proof that God exists!

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