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    I love this odd-ball stuff

    They were digital cards, but were never released. The discs are pretty rare. A guy that does customs had an old laptop that could read the discs and he made custom cards.
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    I love this odd-ball stuff

    I just published a Thomas update for you. http://www.supercollectorcatalog.com/thomas-frank.html
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    I love this odd-ball stuff

    Behind the curtains is a sorting mess!
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    I love this odd-ball stuff

    This is a new, old oddball set from the never released 2000 Cyberaction set. http://www.supercollectorcatalog.com/2022-cyberaction-reclamation-minis.html
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    I love this odd-ball stuff

    I haven’t published an update to the Ripken checklist in a little while, but it is still fairly large. Ripken was in everything. http://www.supercollectorcatalog.com/ripken-jr-cal-checklist.html
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    I love this odd-ball stuff

    Lucrative? Not particularly. I could be doing much more productive things. I get a lot of enjoyment out of finding unique things and getting them into the hands of collectors though. There are many advanced collectors that need very little from me, but there has been a resurgence of collectors...
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    I love this odd-ball stuff

    My oddball sorting table and some of my oddball player binders.
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    Juan Soto Rejects $440M Offer from the Nats

    The Dodgers seem to be a likely landing place with a stacked farm to make it happen.
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    Star Company Baseball Cards

    I’ve thought several times about trying to add all of these sets to my site, but it is a daunting project and the years and variations are confusing.
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    Anyone here very familiar with Minor League card issues?

    It looks more like a variation than a printing error.
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    Griffey Collector's Thread - Part Two..

    I think these may be the rarest of the Griffey unlicensed issues, but I have not been able to confirm their back story. My hypothesis is that Rob Broder did this 10 card set as a test of possible designs for the 1991 Playball USA. There are five Griffeys, three Mattinglys and two Mitchells...
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    Jbhoffman siting

    He may be lurking, but he hasn’t posted in a while. Looks like he has an Etsy site for his custom cards. https://www.etsy.com/shop/CustomCardArtStore?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=1222165012
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    Looking for Klesko

    I published an update to my Klesko list out on my site. http://www.supercollectorcatalog.com/klesko-ryan.html
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    FS "Game Cards" - APBA, Pursue, Statis, Strat, Info, Dynasty, Clubhouse & Replay

    The prices of these game card sets has gone way up.

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