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    Misjudging the Market - Alan Trammell

    Thanks for the context.
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    Misjudging the Market - Alan Trammell

    Thanks for the feedback. Given their popularity, it makes sense that master set collectors would potentially impact as well as Trammell collectors.
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    Misjudging the Market - Alan Trammell

    I thought I was in tune with the market for Alan Trammell cards. Then this card happened. I set my snipe at a level that I thought gave myself a good shot at the card without going overboard. To have multiple bidders go 2-3 times my snipe was a big surprise. $500+ for an auto/25 just seems...
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    Ticket Stubs

    Ticket stubs are solid evidence that I'm a pack rat and always have been. I somehow still have the Tiger Stadium stub from my first game I attended in the late 70s. I have one box of random tickets from sporting events/concerts attended. Separately I have my special tickets saved in...
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    Bowman Draft on Topps site!

    I had been waffling about grabbing a box from Blowout. I saw the Topps email and the lower price pushed me over the edge. Picked up 2. Can't wait to break.
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    Thoughts on 2020 Bowman Platinum

    I bought 4 of the Mega boxes as I intend to put together the set. Unfortunately, Topps collation strikes again. The 23 card Mega boxes have a single pack that is ordered 10 veterans, 2 chartreuse parallels, 1 auto, and 10 prospect cards. 2 of the 4 boxes had the identical 10 veterans and 10...
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    Denny McLain Estate Sale

    For anyone in the Detroit area, Denny McLain (1968 Tigers WS) is holding an estate sale this weekend. The headline states the estate sale will contain thousands of pieces from the 1930-1970s. Obviously, mostly Tigers related but scrolling through the pics I saw Mantle, Jeter, and Ryan autos...
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    Is there a 2020 way of seeing a best offer/sold for listing?

    I've used this for completed BOs that didn't show up on sortsof. It works because ebay needs to record the price for purposes of calculating taxes.
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    Obscure player collections?

    I have 2 non-Tigers related PCs of this type. I have a nice Jeff Clement collection including both the 2005 Bowman Draft Super and Red Ref 1/1. I also have a somewhat obscene Zach Putnam collection (bordering on hoarding) that is in need of the 2009 Bowman Chrome Super.
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    2020 Topps Chrome Hobby Case Break?

    I would be interested in a slot or two.
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    Signature/Player ID - Need fresh eyes

    Excellent. I couldn't reconcile 1 or 2 Ts but didn't consider Monte. Glad the mystery was solved.
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    New Alan Trammell collection website

    Very nice website. I really like how clean it looks by having the card descriptions only visible when hovering over them. May be inspired to work more on my Trammell collection. I took a look at your want list and I don't think I have dupes of anything but I'll double check my Recollection autos.
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    Signature/Player ID - Need fresh eyes

    It really looks like Mat(t) Marshall. A little digging got me to the Kenosha (WI) Mammoths of the Frontier League. Played 9 games in 2003. Not quite the right time frame nor could I find a connection to the Dodgers. Good luck.
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    Will Bret Saberhagen ever make the Hall of Fame?

    I was big fan of Saberhagen and have a stack of 1985 Topps somewhere. Unfortunately, he lost all of his age 32 and most of his age 33 years to injury then finished his career with 2 reasonably good seasons with the Red Sox. Without any other info the following stats for a pitcher would say...
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    Anyone have card blanks for sketches?

    I have a stack that I set aside during recent office cleaning. PM your address and they're yours.

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