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  1. banjar

    Online sources for cards - ranked. Opinions welcome.

    So I was thinking, what are your top 5 online sites for buying/selling baseball cards, in order? Here are mine: 1) Ebay - far and away #1. I wish it wasn't so, but this is the big kid on the block. I troll every site I know of on a regular basis, but ultimately a large majority of my purchases...
  2. banjar

    2001 Stadium Club Super Team 11x14 Autographs?

    Does anyone out there have an example of these? Has anyone even seen one? Apparently if you pulled a "Super Team" card of the team that won the championship series or world series (Yankees, Diamondbacks), you could exchange it for a set of Super Team cards, plus one randomly selected 11x14...
  3. banjar

    Error and Variations Guide Book

    I found this website while searching for info on recognized variations for 1991 Fleer (of all things). It's a comprehensive guide to known variations, from the 40's to the 90's. Not just baseball but also other sports. https://baseballcardvariationsguidebookvol2.wordpress.com/ If you're an...
  4. banjar

    2021 Collecting Goals

    A new year is just around the corner, hopefully bringing better days with it. So, optimistically speaking, what are you hoping to accomplish over the next year in your collections? Here's my list. For my Alomar PC: 1) Reduce new card purchases even further. At current count there are 537...
  5. banjar

    1998 Hershey Orioles

    I bought this set to get the Robbie Alomar, so the remainder is available for sale. Includes Ripken, Mussina, Palmeiro, Baines, Eric Davis, Brady Anderson, Eddie Murray on the coaches card, and of course the rest of the team. Condition of all cards is very good, can post scans if anyone is...
  6. banjar

    2019 Tek Thread

    Finally the thread that nobody's been clamoring for - 2019 Topps High Tek! This cheap perfunctory set deserves its own cheap perfunctory thread. I realize nobody's talking about this crap set, but to heck with "them". When "they" zig, I zag baby. First, what's the point of even doing Tek...
  7. banjar

    1993 magnet prototypes?

    So this listing just popped up on ebay. A guy saying he has a set of prototype player magnets from the early 90's, maybe 1993. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MLB-Superstar-Magnet-1993-Design-Proof/264502349563?hash=item3d95918efb:m:mNwiUbF8eg_ez4JXcIMjJQQ Below is what they look like. Anyone have...
  8. banjar

    Night Crue: September 2019

    Alright wierdos. Check in now. Don't make me go all Jigsaw on your asses. Lemme start with a few things baseballl and card related. 1) Jorge De La Rosa. All-time wins leader for youuuuuuur Colorado Rockies. In franchise history, 27 years, he's tops with 86 wins. I'm not talking smak about...
  9. banjar

    Best snipe service

    I'm thinking to start using an ebay snipe service, for several reasons. Among others, I'm getting a little tired of people trying to shill bid on auctions I'm interested in. I know this topic has been discussed in the past, but currently what is the best snipe service? Would like to know...
  10. banjar

    FS oddball Glavine, Piazza, Gwynn, and Vizquel auto

    First three are sets that I bought to get the Alomar cards. Last two are random acquisitions. Not asking megabucks for any of these, so am not keen to haggle. Any questions, just PM me. Also glad to post pics if you want. 2003 Port St Lucie News Mets. Promo set that you got when renewing your...
  11. banjar

    Night Crew - April's Fools

    Hereyago boys. April NC thread. Let me start it off with one of my all time favorite cards: Keith Comstock. 10-7 career record in 6 seasons. 1.1 career WAR. Most importantly, a HOF sense of humor - an important personality trait for anyone posting on this thread...
  12. banjar

    Question on 1993 Finest Promo Refractors

    Hi all - Looking for info from anyone who owns one of the three 1993 Finest Promo Refractors (Mattingly, Ryan, or Alomar). I have the Alomar in my collection, at least I think I do. What I mean is, there seem to be two different "refractor" versions floating around, with the difference being...
  13. banjar

    1997 Topps Stars All-Stars: WTF?

    The 1997 Topps Stars set doesn't seem to be particularly memorable. I was out of the hobby the year before, so I don't have any memory of it. But even today, nobody talks about it. There's no buzz or nostalgia, nothing. But this set keeps coming up in my consciousness because it has one of the...
  14. banjar

    Yet another ebay d-bag seller to avoid

    Nothing major, just need to point out another idiot that the fine members of FCB should avoid. Seller is named "roomuser" but I would argue "shroomuser" is a better description of this fuzz-nutted imbecile. So this seller lists a fun little item - a 1990 fleer rack pack with Alomar on top. I...
  15. banjar

    TV Sports Mailbag Sets

    A while ago I stumbled on an issue from 1990 that I never knew about - the TV Sports Mailbag jumbo 8x10 card. Beckett lists the 1989 and 1992 sets but nothing about 1990 and 1991. From what I can tell TV Sports Mailbag put out jumbo sets in 4 years: 1989 = active players, 140 cards 1990 =...
  16. banjar

    Burbank now taking offers?

    A few of you have mentioned on other threads that Burbank is now taking offers, but I don't see how to do this on either Ebay or Beckett. So how do you send them an offer?
  17. banjar

    Roberto Alomar Collector's Thread

    I haven't managed to find many other Alomar collectors, but if my lost ebay auctions are any indicator, they are out there. Hopefully this thread will help get us together. So if you have righteous cards, are looking for rare or oddball stuff, or just got a good pickup, please post here. I'm...
  18. banjar

    2016 Tek Thread

    I haven't seen much talk about 2016 Tek. Thoughts, opinions? Does anyone care? I chased 2014 and 2015 Tek pretty hard, more than any other releases from those years. I even got a couple 1/1's, although there are still a few gaps in the rainbows for my PC (anyone got an Alomar 2014 Stripes or...
  19. banjar

    Any Roberto Alomar collectors?

    alomar collector here About 2500 unique cards plus a few hundred duplicates...looking for the ones I'm missing...

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