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1995 Leaf Promos


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Nov 25, 2009
Mobile, AL
Anybody happen to have an old paperback Beckett Sport Americana Baseball Price Guide #17 from 1995? I'm curious in knowing what it says about 1995 Leaf Promos. Does anybody have any written information about these cards? I know them and can identify them rather easily, but apparently the guys at Beckett are having a tough time. I think there was more than de minimis discussion about them in one of the 90s threads, but I can't find it. Also, I've seen the stuff on the frank thomas promos website and in the Frank page on this board. Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.


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Aug 7, 2008
Lake in the Hills, IL
1995 Leaf Promos
The lack of a “Sample” or
“Promotional Card” notice
makes these promos difficult
to spot. They can be detected
by the placement of the Registered
symbol farther down
and to the right compared to
regular-issue cards. Also the
thin line inside the gold-foil
stamping enclosing the Leaf
logo and inner “95” diamond
is missing on the promos.
Complete Set (9): 35.00
Common Player: 2.00
1 Frank Thomas 4.00
10 Joe Carter 2.00
28 Matt Williams 2.00
40 Wade Boggs 6.00
60 Raul Mondesi 2.00
115 Greg Maddux 6.00
119 Jeff Bagwell 4.00
134 Cal Ripken Jr. 12.00
183 Kirby Puckett 6.00

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