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FS/FT 19th Century HOFers + Wagner Cobb Mantle & Much Much More!


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May 18, 2012
The following cards are for sale! Prices are below, but do not include Paypal fees or shipping. Email me at [email protected] if interested!
1887 Allen & Ginter Partial Set 9/10 (Fronts look virtually pack fresh!) - $3500

1887 Old Judge Roger Connor - $1200
This is baseball's first home run king. Before Barry Bonds, before Hank Aaron even before Babe Ruth! Hall of Famer Roger Connor was the man. It has been speculated that he is the reason the team changed their name from the New York Gothams to the New York Giants - he was a big guy!

1895 Mayo’s Cut Plug Dan Brouthers - $1200
Known by many as baseball's first slugger, Dan Brouthers had a great HOF career. There are stories of this gentle giant having played in a game before MLB, where he collided with the catcher in a play at the plate - the catcher died a day or so later.

1909 E102 Honus Wagner - $2750
An extremely beautiful card of Honus Wagner that predates his T206 card. The colors are bright, bold and show him batting. The colors used are actually much closer to what the Pirates colors were back then. The card condition is jaw dropping when you compare it to its grade.

1910 M116 Honus Wagner - $3200
An absolutely amazing card - again, the card looks ridiculously better than the numerical grade depicts. This hauntingly beautiful card resembles the T206 Wagner, because its portrait was based upon the same photograph taken by Carl Horner.

1910 T206 Nap Lajoie - $700
Hall of Famer Napoleon Lajoie was so beloved by Cleveland, they changed their name to the Cleveland Naps before changing to the Cleveland Indians. He was legendary, and this is perhaps my favorite T206 card of him.

1910 T206 Christy Mathewson - $425
Nicknamed the Christian Gentleman, Mathewson served in World War I. He inhaled poisonous gas which apparently led to killing him years later. Mathewson was one of baseball's best pitchers ever. This is my favorite T206 of him - the front looks amazing, while the back doesn't.

1912 T202 Ty Cobb / Hughie Jennings - $1200
As if having two hall of famers on the same card isn't enough, the middle section features baseball's most famous photograph, ever. Taken by Charles Conlon, an original of this sold at a record breaking price not too long ago. Interestingly enough, he didn't realize he even took the photo until he developed it. Many of these cards in this grade are wrinkled right down the middle, but this one is not!

1915 Cracker Jack Tris Speaker - $950
Perhaps the greatest baseball player to ever come out of Texas, Tris Speaker was one of the best baseball players ever to step on the diamond. A (mk) designator is not known by me as to why it is there on the label, unless perhaps it is notating some of the red at the top. It is a beautiful card of a super iconic set!

1933 DeLONG Jimmy Foxx - $650
"Old Double X" was considered the right handed Babe Ruth. This rookie card of his presents extremely well of the power hitting Hall of Famer.

1953 Topps Jackie Robinson - $700
In my opinion, the 1953 Topps Robinson is the best looking card of his, ever. You can even see the Brooklyn Bridge in the background!

1955 Bowman Mickey Mantle - $275
Why didn't Mickey Mantle have a 1955 Topps baseball card? Well, this is the reason. He had an exclusive with Bowman, so 1954 and 1955 Bowman cards of his were the only way you could enjoy him. This was the last year Bowman produced cards back then, so 1956 found the Mick back on a Topps card. Fun fact: the design shows a color television prophetically, as color tv wouldn't come along until years later!

1968 Topps Nolan Ryan - $350
The Ryan Express - his rookie card! This card is centered *way* better than most PSA 3s out there, and even above!

1969 Topps Reggie Jackson - $150
Rookie card of Mr. October himself, before the facial hair and pinstripes.

Email me at [email protected] if interested!


Featured Contributor, Bridging the Gap, Senior Mem
May 18, 2012
Nice stuff you have for sale!

That Wagner 10-11 is only a fair??? That is some very tough grading.
Yup! That was the card type I was targeting - a numerically low grade with gorgeous eye appeal. There is staining on the back, and the blue in the upper right is apparently a stain or something.

That Ryan/Koos...drool...

At first I thought you were selling a mustache only collection...then I kept scrolling

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It is really strange - moustaches were all the rage in the 19th century ... then the 20th century hits and no one wants one. The T206 set has exactly one moustachioed fella in it, and you would be hard pressed to find anyone on cardboard with fuzz on his upper lip until the 1970s. Surely there are, but I can't think of any!