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2000 Aurora Printing Plates, Fake?

Brewer Andy

Active member
Aug 10, 2008
Unfortunately I believe that has been the consensus yes. Most of them seemed to have originated from one or two sellers within the last 8 years or so. If they weren’t advertised as being packed out I’d stay away. Don’t buy the “back doored” story

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Jul 16, 2013
Cincinnati, OH
Thanks for the response, I did some more digging a found a thread on BO about this seller nyccardvault and apparently he has been scamming people for years, Ill be sending the Lofton back.

Brewer Andy

Active member
Aug 10, 2008
There’s a ton of phony Pacific plates out there. Fronts/backs, multiple years/brands that never had plates distributed that came flooding out. There was discussion here FCB awhile back about these can be made with some tips on how to spot the fakes (things like the plate showing areas of multiple colors and where the card would actually contain foil and not actual print, etc.)

Do you have the Lofton in hand OP? I’m guessing there’s nothing on the back of the plate? Anyhow, pretty sure someone targeted Pacific simply because they were out of business by then so I’ve always felt it safest to stay away if they weren’t released in packs

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Active member
Dec 12, 2008
Houston, TX
I've never seen a legitimate Pacific plate. One of the more obvious issues is that after-printing features like foil, etching, and embossing can be seen in the "plate". Those artifacts shouldn't exist in a real printing plate given they would be added to the card post-lithography.


Well-known member
Apr 23, 2011
Warwick, RI
Faker than a stripper's tits.

Same seller now has a bunch of Ted Williams Card Co. plates up. Another seller, cardmax (or something like that) who is the other main vendor of these fake plates goes as far as selling early 80's Pacific Legends plates and Conlon Collection plates. All garbage. Some have gone for good money, so they'll never stop selling these things.

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