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FS 2004-2005 Leaf Certified


Jan 4, 2016
I recently purchased a few low numbered Danny Kolb cards to fill in a couple holes in my collection. The seller told me he had a ton of Leaf Certified cards that he was attempting to sell. I told him I would post them on here. If anyone would like his email address or full list of cards I'd be happy to email them to you. He has Mirror Black, Mirror Gold, Mirror Emerald, Mirror White, and Mirror Blue, Mirror Red. Here are the 1/1's he has to offer:

2004 Mirror Black
Roberto Clemente “N” LOGO Patch
Bob Gibson “Square” Jersey 1/1
Satchel Paige “65” LOGO Patch 1/1
Roy Campanella “Square” Jersey 1/1
Bob Feller “A” Wool Jersey 1/1
Ernie Banks “Square” Jersey 1/1
Gary Carter “N” LOGO Patch 1/1
Andre Dawson “10” LOGO Patch 1/1
Whitey Ford “16” LOGO Patch 1/1
Derek Jeter “Dual LOGO Bat” Patch 1/1
Bernie Williams “51” LOGO Patch 1/1
CC Sabathia “Square” LOGO Patch 1/1
Steve Finley “OF” DIAMONDBACKS LOGO Patch 1/1
Mike Lowell “19” LOGO Patch 1/1
Matt Morris “P” LOGO Patch 1/1
Matt Morris “Square” LOGO Patch 1/1
Matt Morris “35” LOGO Patch 1/1
Dontrelle Willis “Square” LOGO Patch 1/1
Carlos Delgado “A” LOGO Patch 1/1
Joe Borchard “A” LOGO Patch 1/1
Dewon Brazelton “P” LOGO Patch 1/1
Runelvys Hernandez “Square” LOGO Patch 1/1
Andruw Jones “N” LOGO Patch 1/1
Josh Beckett “N” LOGO Patch 1/1
Jim Edmonds “N” LOGO Patch 1/1
Adrian Beltre “DUAL” LOGO Patch /Bat 1/1
Ryan Klesko “DUAL” LOGO Patch /Bat 1/1
Roy Oswalt “DUAL” LOGO Patch/ Bat 1/1
Rocco Baldelli “OF” LOGO Patch 1/1
Preston Wilson “Square “ LOGO Patch 1/1
Austin Kearns “OF” LOGO Patch 1/1
Javy Lopez “Bat” 1/1
Corey Patterson “ Bat” 1/1
Pedro Martinez “AUTO” 1/1
Alex Rodriguez GOLD “AUTO” 1/1
Mike Mussina WHITE “AUTO” 1/1
Mark Buehrle “Bat” 1/1
Orlando Hudson “AUTO” 1/1
Orlando Cabrera “AUTO” 1/1
Jesse Harper “AUTO” 1/1
Delmon Young “AUTO” RC 1/1
Marcus Giles “Bat” 1/1
Aramis Ramirez “Bat” 1/1
Ramon Nivar “DUAL” LOGO Patch / Bat 1/1
Mike Lowell “Bat” 1/1
Johan Santana “Square” LOGO Patch 1/1
Johan Santana “P” LOGO Patch 1/1
Manny Ramirez “OF” Patch 1/1
Albert Pujols “Bat” 1/1
Alfonso Soriano Yankees “AUTO” 1/1
Barry Zito “DUAL” LOGO Patch / Bat 1/1
Alfonso Soriano Rangers “AUTO” 1/1
Tom Glavine METS 1/1
Brendan Harris 1/1
Brandon Larson 1/1
Lincoln Holdzkom 1/1
Jamie Brown 1/1

2005 Mirror Black
Curt Schilling Diamondbacks BLUE “AUTO” 1/1
Alfonso Soriano Rangers WHITE “AUTO” 1/1
Albert Pujols “Square” LOGO Patch 1/1
Albert Pujols “1B” LOGO” Patch 1/1
Manny Ramirez “24” LOGO Patch 1/1
Manny Ramirez “Square” LOGO Patch 1/1
Manny Ramirez WHITE “AUTO 1/1
Ben Sheets “AUTO” 1/1
Ben Sheets RED “AUTO” 1/1
Eric Chavez “3” LOGO Patch 1/1
Barry Zito “BAT” 1/1
Barry Zito “AUTO” 1/1
Barry Zito “MLB LOGO PATCH” 1/1
Curt Schilling “38” LAUNDRY TAG LOGO PATCH 1/1
Tom Glavine METS “HR” LOGO Patch 1/1
Tom Glavine BRAVES “Square” LOGO Patch 1/1
Carlos Zambrano “38” LOGO Patch 1/1
Roger Clemens “22” YANKEES LOGO Patch 1/1
Marcus Giles “AUTO” 1/1
Lyle Overbay “HR” LOGO Patch 1/1
Justin Morneau “1B” TWINS LOGO PATCH 1/1
Miguel Tejada Orioles “Square” LOGO Patch 1/1
Jim Edmonds “15” LOGO Patch 1/1
Jose Vidro “2B” LOGO Patch 1/1
Brad Penny “AUTO” 1/1
Sean Thompson “AUTO” 1/1
Octavio Dotel “AUTO” 1/1
Danny Rueckel “AUTO” 1/1
Raul Tablado “AUTO” 1/1
Sean Casey 1/1
Adrain Beltre 1/1
Garrett Andreson 1/1
Jason Giambi Yankees 1/1
Alfonso Soriano Rangers 1/1
Moises Alou 1/1
Orlando Hudson 1/1
Bubba Nelson 1/1
Jeremy Affeldt 1/1
Ryan Speier 1/1
Travis Bowyer 1/1
Danny Rueckel 1/1
Sean Tracey 1/1
Ambiorix Concepcion 1/1

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