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2010 Upper Deck Exquisite Collector's Thread


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Aug 7, 2008
I remember seeing 4 different copies of Bo Jackson and Miguel Cabrera on ebay and Beckett in short order after release. According to the Smapdi Theorem, 10-20% of a print run <100 will appear on ebay within 1 month of release, so that would peg the "effective print run" at 20-40. Of course, this set is different, as they probably had a lot of product not even leave the warehouse when they got slapped by MLB, and possibly the whole print run wasn't completed yet. Assuming collation of the cards is random within the whole print run and not really relative to any given subset of cases, distribution is always going to be uneven. Could be that there are 6-7 copies of some cards in the wild, and 1-2 of others.

I doubt the serial-numbers on the base cards would give you any clues. I wrote them all out from my set once and they were all over the range. I'm sure the computer that runs the stamping on cards like that randomizes each card, so you don't see them all under 10 or whatever.

Hopefully, though, this gets attention on the set and more cards come out of the woodwork. I'd bet there are quite a few out there in boxes and closets and the owner is clueless as to rarity. Happens when one is listed randomly on ebay for $10 or so, like any other #/75 card "should" be worth.


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May 18, 2012
I'd love a canseco patch of one of these!

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