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2014 Panini Donruss' FAKE??? Miguel Sano Auto?


Active member
Mar 12, 2009
The best part is people telling a grown man that his signature cannot change.

If he wants to sign autographs as Homey the Clown, have at it.


New member
Dec 8, 2013
Not sure how it can be taken any other way...

He says he pulled them himself at a show then asks if they are fake.

Then, proceeds to add pictures supporting his thought/question that they are.
Alright, I am just asking a question. I am not accusing Panini of faking an auto, I was just wondering what this was all about. No need to rant on me here. The autos look completely different


New member
Dec 8, 2013
For the love of Gilmore, shrink your damn sig please. The owner of the site already asked you to do it and you ignored him. We're not elderly men (except for Tramers) who need to read the gigantic font in your sig.
It is my account and I can make my sig how bright and big I want it to be.


Active member
Sep 26, 2008
sano needs to make his mind up lol
got the bat and the ball done his first twinsfest last year and the 16x20 this year

and these are the certs i have not one looks the same

Love the signed photo.Is the other player Buxton?

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