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2017 Topps Luminaries Baseball Checklist


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2017 Topps Luminaries Baseball is the new ultra-premium brand that features a one-card-per-box format. Of course, each card is encased and numbered to 15 copies or less. 12 boxes are in a hobby-only release case, and promises to be*"the best the diamond has ever seen...yesterday, today and tomorrow."
<h3>2017 Topps Luminaries Baseball Autographs</h3>
Expect 2017 Topps Luminaries Baseball to deliver either an autograph or autograph relic in every one-card box. Signed options without the added memorabilia piece include*<strong>Hit Kings*Autograph</strong>,*<strong>Home Run Kings Autograph*</strong>and<strong> Masters of the Mound</strong> <strong>Autograph</strong> sets, each numbered to 15. All three lines also offer*<strong>Red</strong> (#/10), <strong>Blue</strong> (#/5) and <strong>Black</strong> (1/1) parallels.

The HR-themed inserts include one-of-one*<strong>Home Run Kings Ultra Book*Autograph</strong> cards featuring top sluggers, and the staggering 50-player <strong>Home Run Kings Ultra Book Autograph*</strong>(1/1).

Multi-player booklet autographs include <strong>Hit Kings Ultra Book*Autograph</strong> (10 players; 1/1), <strong>Hit Kings Ultimate Book*Autograph</strong> (40 players; 1/1), and <strong>Masters of the Mound Ultra Book*Autograph</strong> (10 players; 1/1). <strong>The Greatest Book Autograph*</strong>card highlights and amazing signatures for 30 of the best on a one-of-one card.
<h3>2017 Topps Luminaries Baseball Autograph Relics</h3>
The autographed relics in*2017 Topps Luminaries Baseball keep to the standard hobby themes, but with gear incorporated. Among the choices are the*<strong>Hit Kings Autograph Relics</strong>,*<strong>Home Run Kings Autograph Relics*</strong>and<strong> Masters of the Mound*Autograph Relics </strong>inserts.<strong>*</strong>Again limited to 15 copies, every set also has*<strong>Red</strong> (#/10) and <strong>Black</strong> (1/1) parallels to go along with a <strong>Patch</strong> (#/5) and <strong>Black Patch</strong> (1/1) version.

The auto relics include booklet offerings as well, with one-of-one <strong>Home Run Kings Autograph Patch Dual</strong> and <strong>Triple Book</strong> cards. There are also <strong>Hit Kings Autograph Patch Dual Book*</strong>(1/1) and <strong>Masters of the Mound Autograph Patch Dual Book</strong>*(1/1) inserts.

One-of-one <strong>Cut Signature</strong>, <strong>Cut Signature Relics</strong> and <strong>Cut Signature</strong>*<strong>Bat Knob Book</strong> cards round out the premium offerings in this ultra-premium release.

<strong>Estimated Release Date:</strong>*10/11/2017
<strong>Product Configuration:</strong>*1 card per pack, 1 pack per box, 12 boxes per case<strong>
<h3 class="product-subset">2017 Topps Luminaries Baseball Hobby Box Break</h3>
<li>1 Encased Autograph or Autograph Relic</li>

Checklist as soon as Susan sends it to me.

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