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2017 Topps Rediscover Buybacks Thread


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Mar 21, 2014
Hendersonville, Tn.
Got in this nice looking Thome card a few days ago.

2006 Topps Bronze #560

Up to 5 Thomes each on the Topps and Bowman buybacks. Not a lot of them out there but still looking for more.


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Aug 7, 2008
I finally completed my first Rediscover Rainbow...

View attachment 72191
Congratulations. I think this is one of the more remarkable achievements in collecting this year. Think about how hard it is to assemble a set of printing plates. Then add a 5th one. Then multiply it by ~700 cards and multiply that by all the years of sets they've included. Out of what, maybe 35,000 1/1s, most of which are so unremarkable they'd never surface on ebay or possibly go to another Puckett collector, you've found an exact set of 5 and done it within a few months of release.


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Sep 30, 2017
I'm looking for Jeff Frye copies. I have the 1993 Topps Blue so I know there could be 1993 variations out there. The only other two Topps issues he is in are 1998 and 2001 and I haven't seen any of either of those.

I have a few of them at the house from A&G packs but I just stuck them in a box assuming no one would want them. I'll try to post them up tonight.


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Sep 30, 2017
Don't have anything earth shattering but I this is what I've pulled:

1990 Topps Chris Speier (creased from top to bottom on the left side of the card out of the pack)

1999 Topps Jeff Conine

1987 Topps George Bamberger (Brewers Manager)
1990 Topps Dan Pasqua
2005 Topps Update Matt Garza


Oct 14, 2012
I finally got a 1993 Kelly Gruber Buyback! I now have at least one of each of his Topps cards as a Rediscover Buyback (1987-1993). For anyone else looking in the same time frame, I have found his older cards a lot easier to find (especially 1987), and his later cards have really only started showing up recently. I'm hoping to find more of them in different colors, but for now I'm happy to have at least one of each of his Topps cards.

I also have some extra buybacks, shoot me a message if any of these interest you. I'll throw what's left on ebay as a lot at some point.
1984 Tom Brugmeier RED
1984 AL Active Career Victory Leaders (Sutton, Palmer and John) BRONZE
1987 Paul Zuvella SILVER
1989 Angels Leaders BRONZE
1989 Ozzie Guillen SILVER
1989 Mets Leaders SILVER
1990 Clint Zavaras BRONZE
1990 Todd Burns GOLD
1990 Rafael Belliard SILVER
1990 Jack Howell BRONZE
1993 Jim Tatum SILVER
1999 Marquis Grissom BRONZE
1999 Brad Asmus BRONZE
1999 Mark Loretta GOLD
2006 Blue Jays BRONZE

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