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2019 S2 Jumbo, 2 Silver Packs & 4 Bowman Mega Boxes


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Aug 7, 2008
East of KC MO

OK, I went to the LCS Saturday afternoon to pick up a Topps series 2 Jumbo and get the two silver packs with the purchase. On the way home I decided to stop at Target to see if they restocked the Bowman Mega boxes. They had four so of course I bought them.

Probably my best rip day yet! Just the hits.

Jumbo box hits:
MLB Logo Golden Anniversary Manufactured Patch
Paul Goldschmidt 1:103
Goldschmidt Golden Ann Mfg Patch.jpg

Major League Material Gold
15/50 Mike Trout 1:159
Trout Major League Material Gold.jpg

MLB Logo Golden Anniversary Manufactured Patch Auto
05/10 Jacob DeGrom 1:1287
DeGrom Auto Golden Ann Mfg Patch.jpg

Sketch card
Joey Votto 1:1985
Votto Sketch.jpg

Two Silver packs hit:
04/30 Paul Goldschmidt Auto
Goldschmidt S2 Silver Pack Auto 30.jpg

Four 2019 Bowman Mega box hits:
Ready for the Show
84/99 Austin Riley Green 1:159
Riley Mega RFTS Green 99.jpg

Mega Box Base Auto
Greyson Jenista 1:16
Jenista Mega Auto.jpg

Rookie of the Year Favorites Autographs
54/99 Kolby Allard 1:207
Allard Mega ROY Fav Auto.jpg

Chrome Mojo
08/25 Wander Franco Orange 1:126
Franco Mega Orange 25.jpg

NFS NFT I need to decide what I’m going to do with everything.

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