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2020 Baseball Season?


Dec 12, 2012
From MLBTraderumors article on MLB's latest test results. Some encouraging numbers to say the least. Hopefully the numbers stay low once they start traveling and playing other teams.

Major League Baseball and the MLBPA issued a joint press release Friday to announce the latest results of COVID-19 test results from around the sport through July 16. For the most part, it’s encouraging news that should further pave the way for the regular season to start as scheduled July 23.

The league collected 10,548 samples over the past week, but just six (0.05 percent) returned as new positives. Five of those came from players, the other from a staff member. There was also a five-day period in which no new positives were reported.

To date, the league has collected 17,949 monitoring samples and 23 new positives (18 players, five staff members), which equals 0.1 percent. When combining ongoing monitoring testing and intake screening that began June 27, there have been 93 positive tests (80 players) among 21,701 samples, which translates to 0.4 percent. Twenty-eight of the league’s 30 teams have had at least one positive.

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