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2020 Bowman Final Checklist


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Aug 7, 2008

CPA-AA Aaron Ashby Milwaukee Brewers™
CPA-AH Adam Hall Baltimore Orioles®
CPA-AHI Adam Hill Milwaukee Brewers™
CPA-AP Andy Pages Los Angeles Dodgers®
CPA-AR Adley Rutschman Baltimore Orioles®
CPA-AS Alvaro Seijas St. Louis Cardinals®
CPA-ASH Aaron Shortridge Pittsburgh Pirates®
CPA-AV Anthony Volpe New York Yankees®
CPA-AVA Andrew Vaughn Chicago White Sox®
CPA-BB Ben Braymer Washington Nationals®
CPA-BBA Bryce Ball Atlanta Braves™
CPA-BD Brennen Davis Chicago Cubs®
CPA-BH Brandon Howlett Boston Red Sox®
CPA-BWJ Bobby Witt Jr. Kansas City Royals®
CPA-CC Connor Cannon San Francisco Giants®
CPA-CJ Cooper Johnson Detroit Tigers®
CPA-CS Canaan Smith New York Yankees®
CPA-CV Chris Vallimont Minnesota Twins®
CPA-DA Diosbel Arias Texas Rangers®
CPA-DJ Damon Jones Philadelphia Phillies®
CPA-ED Ezequiel Duran New York Yankees®
CPA-EP Everson Pereira New York Yankees®
CPA-ERI Erik Rivera Angels®
CPA-FP Ford Proctor Tampa Bay Rays™
CPA-GHJ Glenallen Hill Jr. Arizona Diamondbacks®
CPA-GL Grant Little San Diego Padres™
CPA-GV Gus Varland Oakland Athletics™
CPA-HH Hogan Harris Oakland Athletics™
CPA-JA Jacob Amaya Los Angeles Dodgers®
CPA-JBE James Beard Chicago White Sox®
CPA-JC Joey Cantillo San Diego Padres™
CPA-JD Jarren Duran Boston Red Sox®
CPA-JDC Jasseel De La Cruz Atlanta Braves™
CPA-JDI Jhon Diaz Tampa Bay Rays™
CPA-JDO Jasson Dominguez New York Yankees®
CPA-JE Jerar Encarnacion Miami Marlins®
CPA-JG Joe Genord New York Mets®
CPA-JJB J.J. Bleday Miami Marlins®
CPA-JP Jeremy Pena Houston Astros®
CPA-JR Jackson Rutledge Washington Nationals®
CPA-JRY Joe Ryan Tampa Bay Rays™
CPA-LD Lency Delgado Chicago White Sox®
CPA-LP Luis Patino San Diego Padres™
CPA-LV Leonel Valera Los Angeles Dodgers®
CPA-MB Micah Bello Milwaukee Brewers™
CPA-MF Mario Feliciano Milwaukee Brewers™
CPA-MV Miguel Vargas Los Angeles Dodgers®
CPA-OE Omar Estevez Los Angeles Dodgers®
CPA-OG Oscar Gonzalez Cleveland Indians®
CPA-PC Philip Clarke Toronto Blue Jays®
CPA-QC Quin Cotton Cincinnati Reds®
CPA-RC Ruben Cardenas Tampa Bay Rays™
CPA-RP Robert Puason Oakland Athletics™
CPA-SA Sherten Apostel Texas Rangers®
CPA-SH Sam Huff Texas Rangers®
CPA-SP Stephen Paolini Atlanta Braves™
CPA-TD Tony Dibrell New York Mets®
CPA-TDI Thomas Dillard Milwaukee Brewers™
CPA-TS Tarik Skubal Detroit Tigers®
CPA-VB Vidal Brujan Tampa Bay Rays™
CPA-XE Xavier Edwards San Diego Padres™
CPA-ZH Zack Hess Detroit Tigers®

CRA-AAQ Aristides Aquino Cincinnati Reds®
CRA-AP A.J. Puk Oakland Athletics™
CRA-BB Bobby Bradley Cleveland Indians®
CRA-BBI Bo Bichette Toronto Blue Jays®
CRA-BM Brendan McKay Tampa Bay Rays™
CRA-DM Dustin May Los Angeles Dodgers®
CRA-GL Gavin Lux Los Angeles Dodgers®
CRA-ID Isan Diaz Miami Marlins® Rookie
CRA-JL Jesus Luzardo Oakland Athletics™
CRA-JY Jordan Yamamoto Miami Marlins®
CRA-LA Logan Allen Cleveland Indians®
CRA-LR Luis Robert Chicago White Sox®
CRA-YA Yordan Alvarez Houston Astros®
CRA-YC Yu Chang Cleveland Indians® Rookie


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Sep 26, 2008
The Riverlands.
They're routinely fetching over $1500. Which is beyond ridiculous. He is nowhere near that type of prospect, regardless of the organization he plays for.
Aside from Yankees hype, what could possibly be driving these prices? Yes, he's talented as hell, but I think some collusion is going on! Topps is clearly shilling these auctions to increase interest in their product, right???

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David K.

Active member
Aug 26, 2008
Fresno, CA
Glad to see Jaypers is still alive and kicking! Best regards, David K. PS Old Beckett Message board member and current member of The Bench!

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