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2020 Topps Chrome Ben Baller Edition - 3 Die Cuts!


Super Moderator
Aug 7, 2008
Seattle, Wa
My box arrived yesterday afternoon, didn't get a chance to break until late last night and finally got around to getting pics of the better stuff. I'm PUMPED overall with how my box went...

Got 4 colored parallels vs the 6 on average
Got 1 1985 insert vs the 2 on average
No LouBob RC base nor Kyle Lewis
Got 3 die cuts vs the 1 on average

Notable base and RCs: Lux, Bichette, Tatis, Acuna, and Trout

Inserts and refractors: 1985 Hoskins, Mercado green /99, Correa blue /75, and Biggio gold /50

Die cuts: Luis Robert RC, Gavin Lux RC, and Gavin Lux gold refractor RC 10/50!

Pretty thrilled all around, especially with the base RCs and die cuts!


Aug 7, 2008
Ridiculous. Another topps issue that I couldn’t get as a Montgomery club member. Not one in two years. Every time there is error messages, tech issues or I missed the time despite being on usually within seconds of receiving email and at most within 5 minutes.
Topps is a disgrace for excuses and actually caring about their customers. I have already cut way back this year on their products because of the crappy customer service and excuses.
Cmon topps! You hit everything so far including softball, soccer, corn hole. What is next before you actually take care of what got you here-baseball-product on time and to the people that buy in to your “club” that is suppose to have exclusive offers?!?!?!

cool looking cards but not when you will never see them...