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2020 Topps Gallery break

Greg Cleveland

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Ordered directly from Wal Mart website. Probably the only way to get cards this year at the actual issue price. Since this is a Wal Mart only product, that helped. There are cards and boxes for sale on WM and Target online, but most of it is from a third party business, and there are mark ups. These were soldxand fulfilled by Wal Mart.

Anyway, on to the goods:

Base Green parallel /99: Zack Littell
Private Issue #/250: Matt Thaiss
Modern Artists: Acuña, Robert
HOF: Schmidt, Williams
Impressionists: Lindor
Master/Apprentice: Alomar/Bichette, Gwynn/Tatis Jr., Ortiz/Devers, Mattingly/Judge
54 Heritage: Luzardo, Ohtani, Altuve, Soto
Artisans: Betts
Masters: Musial, Clemente, Banks
Rainbow: M Gonzalez, Bogaerts, C. Hernandez's, S. Yamaguchi, Kay, Schwarber, Hoerner
Autographs: Andres Muños, Matt Thaiss Green #8/99.
Box topper: Luzardo

Anyone need something? HMU.

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Aug 7, 2008
East of KC MO
I opened some last night. I'm still short cards 32, 95 & 129 to complete the base set. I also need a bunch of the SP's.

I would be willing to trade or buy the 3 base cards I need and any Royals parallels or inserts you would be willing to part with.

Let me know what you are looking for. Thanks!

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