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2nd Half 100 Post Challenge - Closed


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Sep 20, 2009
*Please read this post carefully. Any questions, just ask....but know that it counts toward the overall post total.*


Let's kick off the 2nd half of the season with a challenging challenge.

I'm thinking of 4 current MLB players.

They have combined for over 15 All-Star appearances and 5 major awards (MVP, Cy Young, and/or ROY).

1. By asking only "yes/no" questions, try to identify all 4 players in a single question by the 100th post in this thread.

2. ***No editing of posts whatsoever (myself included)***.

3. Each contestant may only ask a total of 2 player related questions:

- 1 general "yes/no" question
- 1 question guessing all 4 players

*If the same contestant asks more than one of either of these types of questions, I'll point it out but will not answer it either way.
**You may ask as many basic game related questions as you want, but they all count toward the overall 100 post total.

4. Your first question may not inquire about any one specific player or team. Anything else goes, so long as you're not asking about any one specific player or team. If someone does ask about a single specific player or team, I'll point it out but will not answer it either way. Also, that contestant's general question will have been used up.

5. Your second (winning?) question must be in this format: "Is it Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, and Player 4?". There's no particular order, simply get all 4 players in your question and win!

Example of a winning guess: "Is it Max Muncy, Joey Votto, Jacob deGrom, and Eloy Jimenez?"

6. Although you are only allowed to ask one general question yourself, you can obviously observe/apply the answers to other's questions to try to swoop in and win the game.

7. Be careful with the phrasing of your question. If it's not a clear cut "yes/no" answer, I'll say so and that's that. Remember, you can't ask a second general question and you can't edit any of your posts. If you do, those posts and my response to those posts all count toward the overall total.


You may not ask "is Gleyber Torres one of the players?"
You may ask "is one of the players a shortstop?"

You may not ask "is Gleyber Torres or Aaron Judge one of the players?"
You may ask "are Gleyber Torres and Aaron Judge two of the players?"

*The first question is asking "or", which implies one of the two. The second question is asking if both are part of the 4. Again, so long as you are grouping players/teams, that's fine.

You may not ask "does at least one of the players play for the Red Sox?"
You may ask "does at least one of the players play in the AL East?"

All posts count toward the total, including:

-any where the question was already asked
-ones where the answer to the question is not "yes/no"
-any having just a comment without a question at all
-multiple "yes/no" player questions by the same contestant (see #4 above)
-any questions about the game itself (not player related). However, I'll be happy to answer these with an actual response (not just "yes/no").

I think this is a tough contest, but if there's a winner, they'll receive a fitting prize.

If no one solves the challenge by the 100th post, the game ends without a winner.

Okay, post #1 is in the books! Good luck.
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Oct 3, 2018
Is 2 the total number of Cy Young awards won by these 4 players?

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Sep 20, 2009
Sorry, this one never got off the ground.

The players were: Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton, and Ryan Braun

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