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!983 Ryno on top cello


New member
Sep 16, 2015
On another forum it was stated that most 1983 Ryno on top
Topps cellos were counterfeit. It seems that Ryno was on a sheet
that most of the time appeared on the back of the cellos. This is
the first time I have heard of this. Did this collation/packaging
occur in years? Out of the 6 sheets Topps printed each year (a-f)
a very high occurrence for the same three sheets to be on the
back of cellos. I just thought they fed the sheets into the wrapping
machine and the possibility of any of the 792 on top was possible.
Any info would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!!!


Active member
Jan 2, 2013
I know that with 1987 Topps Racks the Will Clark when on top is in the bottom one (the one farthest from the hole punched hanger). I have only seen one that wasn't and it convienently had Mcgwire in the bottom "pack" and Clark on top in the center , def felt it was faked. I assume the way they cut the sheets affected the pack outs.

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