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A Gentleman AND a Scholar


Aug 7, 2008
A huge thank you, thumbs up, props, 3 cheers, a pat on a back and even a golf clap to Greg Cleveland!

I am not able to make it on these boards very often. So little in fact I lose track of Andrews Group breaks. Recently, I received a mailer that I did not recognize who it was from or that I was expecting. Inside was an Aaron Judge Chrome Parallel #/99! Greg Cleveland received this card by mistake in his cards from Andrews breaks and was kind enough to send it to me since it was part of my Yankees. With me not neon here much I don't even look at the results of the breaks and just look for the cards in the mail from Andrew.

There are not enough honest people in this world and certainly not enough in this hobby. THANK YOU GREG for being one of those few good people in this world. The good deed will work its way back to you!



Active member
Aug 22, 2008
Greg has always seemed like one of the best members on the board. Kudos to him and congrats to you.

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