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WTB anyone have Danny Hultzen Ft/Fs? Also want other 11'-12' BC/DP Autos.

Little Wing

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May 12, 2012
Went to the same elementary and middle school as Danny Hultzen, though he was 3 years behind me and moved going into high school so never really got to know the kid. Also a big fan of UVA and collect UVA alumni so want to add to my Danny Hultzen/UVA Collection! Win Win Win!

Anyways mainly looking for his 2012 Bowman Chrome Autogrpahs, Non-Auto Refractors, and Qnty of base chromes. Also anything graded! But will take certain other cards that I don't have or are wanting mulitples of.

2012 Bowman Chrome BLUE WAVE Auto /50 -prefer ones that aren't digned, but will take those as well.
2012 Bowman Chrome RED WAVE /25
2012 Bowman Chrome Blue Wave -would like Qnty lot if possible.

2012 Bowman Chrome Base Autos -trying to get around 50. So far have 11
2012 Bowman Chrome Autos BGS9.5/10 and BGS10/10
2012 Bowman Chrome Refractor Auto /500
2012 Bowamn Chrome BLUE Refractor Auto /150 -ones that don't have digned corners however may take damaged ones.
2012 Bowamn Chrome GOLD Refractor Auto /50
2012 Bowman Chrome ORANGE Refractor Auto /25
2012 Bowman Chrome PURPLE Refractor Auto /10
2012 Bowman Chrome RED Refractor Auto /5
2012 Bowman Chrome SUPERFRACTOR Auto /1
2012 Bowman Chrome Print Plates Autographed /1

2012 Bowman Chrome Base Chromes -looking for chrome lots of 10+ goal for now is to reach 100. At 69
2012 Bowman Chrome Base BGS9.5 and BGS10
2012 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor /250?
2012 Bowman Chrome Purple Refractor /199
2012 Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor /25
2012 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor /5
2012 Bowman Chrome Superfractor /1
2012 Bowman Chrome Print Plates /1

NON 12' Bowman Chrome
2011 Conteners Auto SP /87
2011 EEE OnCard Autos, Low#rd Autos, Color'd Ink, anything graded, low#rd non Autos
2011 Leaf Draft Auto, 2011 Leaf Villiant Autos. Qnty base autos, ref and blue ref autos. /25 Autos and 1/1s including plates

Will concider other cards of his not listed, just LMK what you have!

Please leave scans and lmk what you want in return. I can trade as well but most of what I have is PC but do have a few extras I'd be willing to move for a card I'm really after.

PMs work best.
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Jun 22, 2010
Upper Peninsula
I have this Hultzen available for sale. Serial #'d 4/5. I also have a blue refractor auto and a base auto for sale. I just listed the card on Ebay for $1150 BIN, but will consider offers.



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Aug 7, 2008
What are you looking to pay on Valiant Blue /99's and Orange and Purple /25's?


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Aug 7, 2008
I have some of your wants to include significant stashes of some of the players you are looking for - please send me a link to your trade list / bucket and I'll see if there is anything we may be able to work out, thanks.

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